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Arsenal to face Liverpool as UCL quarterfinals are set


The odds were that there would be an All-England UEFA Champions League quarterfinal and that is just what we got.

Arsenal will face Liverpool in the Champions League quarterfinals. The quarterfinal draw was held on Friday and with four English teams in the pot, the Gunners and Reds wound up being drawn against each other.

The quarterfinals are scheduled for April 1-2 and April 8-9

Here is the rest of the draw:

  • Manchester United vs. Roma
  • Barcelona vs. Schalke 04
  • Chelsea vs. Fenerbahce
  • Arsenal vs. Liverpool

The semifinal pairings were also determined on Friday. Here is the breakdown:

  • Manchester United/Roma winner vs. Barcelona/Schalke 04 winner
  • Chelsea/Fenerbahce winner vs. Arsenal/Liverpool winner

Potential Man U/Barcelona and Chelsea/Arsenal-Liverpool semifinals are definitely mouth-watering. The semifinal match-ups are scheduled for April 22/23 and April 29/30.

What do you think of the draw? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Fenerbache over Chelsea

    Liverpool over Arsenal

    Man U over Roma

    Barca over Schalke

    Liverpool over Fenerbache

    Man U over Barca

    Champions – Liverpool

    Not too biased I hope 😉

  2. Awesome. Too bad we likely won’t see Fenerbache or Schalke in the semifinals. Would have been nice to see those two duke it out in the quarters for a final 4 spot.

  3. There are some really laughable comments in here…Schalke has a .00000123% chance of winning this competition. How in the world are they going to beat Barca, then Manure/Roma in the semi, and then Liverpool/the Arse/Chelski in the final. No way in hell. Schalke isn’t even one of the top 15 clubs in the world right now. There survival to this round was also incredibly lucky…

    And while I agree Fenerbache is underrated to a degree and Chelsea will face difficulty going to Istanbul, you are delusional if you think they are better team than Liverpool, Chelsea, or Barca. Sevilla they are not…

  4. Arsenal-ManU final…that would be great, especially with them playing head-to-head in a couple of weeks in a match that may determine the outcome of the EPL as well.

  5. Liverpool – Arsenal three times in 8 days, and right in the middle of the most important league matches the two clubs have on the fixture list.

    Liverpool play Everton the weekend before the first match. Arsenal have a road game at Bolton… so preparation for the first leg heavily favors Arsenal.

    If Arsenal are still in a heavy competition with Man United and Chelsea for the title, the league match between Arsenal-Liverpool could be very important for Arsenal.

    Also, the weekend after the second leg, Arsenal play Man United… so it will be interesting how Wenger prepares and plays that second leg at Anfield.

    Great story lines in the race for the Premiership title, fourth place UCL spot, and European Cup all in one tie.

  6. I can’t wait until Roma wipes that smug look all Utd fans have on their faces now. That one blowout was a fluke and I sure hope Roma put them in their place and advance.

    Not fair for Ars/Pool the best 2 English teams in CL play over the past few years are matched up.

  7. And Chelsea isn’t lucky for getting Fener… Fener is just as good as Liverpool, Shaulke, Chelsea, and Barca (at this momemnt due to injuries). Only ManU, Roma, and Arsenal are obviously better than Fener…

    Please… These Chelsea haters are getting to be hilarious.

  8. Manchester United 14-0 on aggregate, you heard it hear first folks.

    Liverpool/Arsenal will be interesting. Arsenal nearly always fall short in Europe (though getting this far is still good), and Liverpool nearly always fall short in England. But this isn’t a Premiership matchup. I think it will be good.

  9. Pretty bland matchups.

    Man U/Roma again… snooze.

    Barcelona gets a pass as usual…

    I think Chelsea could slip up…

    Liverpool/Arsenal could be fun but I don’t think Aresenal will have what it takes against a strong Liverpool side who does well in Cup games like this.

    I REALLY don’t want to see another Chelsea/Liverpool CL game either.

  10. Looks like Chelsea got an easy trip to the finals. I wonder if the 200billion dollar team can take on a Turkish side…

    United look to have gotten a good draw with Roma, but Barcelona seems to be a team built to beat up on them.

  11. Man United over Roma

    Barcelona over Schalke

    Chelsea over Fenerbahce

    Arsenal over Liverpool

    Barcelona over Man United

    Arsenal over Chelsea

    Barcelona over Arsenal


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