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Champions League Rewind: A game for the ages


It was supposed to be the least appealing of Tuesday’s Champions League match-ups, but the Fenerbahce-Sevilla match wound up being the best. Sure, Arsenal-AC Milan was the more glamorous, but the sheer drama, attacking soccer and unpredictability of the Fener-Sevilla match made it the kind of match that makes you love the sport.

Fenerbahce became the first Turkish team to reach the Champions League quarterfinals after its dramatic penalty shootout victory in Sevilla. Goalkeeper Volkan Demirel shook off some terrible goals during regulation to make three penalty saves and keep Fener alive.

While Fenerbahce scored the most dramatic victory, Arsenal delivered the most convincing victory, toppling defending champions AC Milan at the San Siro. Cesc Fabregas’ stunning goal gave the Gunners a stranglehold on the series, with Emmanuel Adebayor sealing the result in Arsenal’s 2-0 triumph.

Barcelona and Manchester United both posted expected victories against Celtic and Lyon respectively, though Barca’s win was overshadowed by a thigh injury to Leo Messi.

Which match did you watch? What was the most impressive moment on Tuesday? Most disappointing? Share your thoughts on Tuesday’s action below.


  1. I saw the Arsenal-AC Milan match. I am wondering if I saw the same match as other people have as I would not consider Arsenal’s play dominating.

    For most of the first half, it was all ACM. And while Arsenal got it together towards the end of the first half, I feel the teams were pretty even in the second. It was that Arsenal was able to convert their chances late in the game. It was a good match and a nice win.

  2. Because Rangers took a point from Barca its pretty clear who the more effective team is this season in European play. Gers have defeated the French champions, the German champions, and the Greek champions as well as drawing with Barca. They beat Lyon in France 0-3. Celtic has played very well at home as usual, with an excellent win against AC Milan, but tic’ doesn’t have the offensive capability away from home in Europe.

    Werder Bremen are no slouches either though, and Glasgow Rangers will have an extremely difficult time going through to the next round of the UEFA cup.

  3. as a Arsenal fan I was obviously overjoyed with the match.

    Bakary Sagna.

    My lord what a game this man played, simply dominating Milan’s left hand channel (Kaka for much of the night).

    It wasn’t that Kaka played badly, it was how suffocating the Arsenal defense was. Senderos picked himself up after a horrible Aston Villa match and had a solid match, but Sagna was just shutting down everything sent at him.

    and Cesc.

    What more can you say, goal of the tournament.

  4. I watched the Sevilla/Fenerbache game online. Defending was atrocious on both sides, but it was an amazingly exciting nailbiter.

    Ultimately, Sevilla blew the game (like they did the first leg) when it got too comfortable and decided to play defense. Where the hell has that stout Sevilla defense that I used to know gone?

    As a Sevillista…this is a heartbreak I won’t forget for a long time. Somehow consoling myself with 2 UEFA cups doesn’t help. Damnit.

  5. Poor Lyon, the finest feeder team in all of Europe. Their window is looking mighty closed for breaking thru in CL. You just can’t keep losing an Essien, Malouda, Diarra, etc every year. I guess this year it’s a Benzema. Free Juninho!

  6. Tivoed Man Utd. vs. Lyon. I wish I didn’t have a job (or that my job was covering soccer, ahem).

    It was a decent game. Lyon were plucky, but United didn’t play great. I’m actually disappointed Lyon didn’t put up more of a fight, I thought they were a much better team than they apparently are.

    Benzema didn’t distinguish himself this time around either, but it’s still clear why big clubs are knocking down the door to sign him. He’s big but still quick, good on the ball and always moving forward. I didn’t see a great passing touch from him nor did I see a killer instinct. Having said that, I’ve seen him play less than a handful of times and I know full well you can’t judge a player based on only a few games.

  7. Watched the Manchester United match. With the way we dominated possession in the first half I thought we were going to destroy Lyon, but our passing and finishing left a lot to be desired.

    I must say, the Sevilla – Fenerbache game sounded amazing and I’m a sad I missed it.

    Finally, there is only one team in this world I hate more than Arsenal and it’s AC Milan so I’m pretty excited that Arsenal took them out. Only MUFC game I have ever seen live was at Giants Stadium a few years back and AC Milan won and then don’t even get me started about the CL last season, so needless to say I’m relieved we won’t be seeing them later on in the competition.

  8. I didn’t see any of them but had the ticker going…which means only that I’m getting tivo or dvr or whatever. sevilla-fener even the highlights looked great. always love to see barca play – leo out is a huge huge loss obviously. can’t wait for the next round once today’s winners are determined…

  9. I watched the Celtic-Barca match, being a Celtic supporter and all. I suppose I didn’t expect Celtic to go through, but I believe in miracles.

    And people still say Rangers are a better team…

  10. watched the some of the second part of the fene-sev match and their keeper was dudek-esque. Giving up some poor goal but coming up huge in the penalty shootout. Also I though Sevilla’s saved penalties were rather poor attempts where they let the keeper read them easily. Also watched United, who should have won by more with the counterattacking options they had in the second half. Also caught the last 10 min of Arsenal and as much as I hate both of those teams I think AC Milan poses more of a danger in Euro play so glad to see them out…….

  11. Sevilla-Fenerbahce was supposed to be the least appealing? Just look at what the scores were in the 1st leg of the matches. Which match looks like it would be more appealing, the one that in the first go around the teams played to a 2-3 score or the one that had the teams play to a 0-0 score? You knew going into it that Sevilla-Fenerbahce was going to be exciting. Just neither team is a traditional glamor club (Sevilla, though have been playing well the past few years, are not a traditional giant in Spain, while Turkey in general are relatively newbies when you compare them to the other “giant” countries).

  12. Arsenal – Milan. Thank you espn360! Which was a very entertaining mathc in tis own right. And a very mature performance by the ‘young’ Gooners, who could ahve very easily been blown out in the first 25 minutes when Kaka looked every bit the WPOY. But after that it always seemed to be heading the other way.

    But I must admit that watching the goals pile up on the ticker in that Sevilla – Fenerbache match and what I knew about their styles and the results fromt eh first leg I was very jealous of anyoen with access to that match.

  13. I watched Arsenal vs. AC Milan. The most impressive victory/ moment has to be that of Fenerbahce which I wish I had a chance to see. Will there be a rerun on 360?

    Messi’s injury is the biggest blow.


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