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Crew deal for Argentine defender not done yet

The Columbus Crew’s reported deal for Argentine left back Gino Padula is still in the works and has not been finalized.

According to Patrick McCabe, Padula’s U.S.-based agent, the Crew and Padula are still in negotiations. French publication L’Equipe reported on Friday that a deal had already been reached.

"Talks are ongoing and we hope to have a resolution this week," McCabe said.

Padula would become the Crew’s second Argentine acquisition this off-season after trading left back Tim Ward to Colorado for forward Nicolas Hernandez.


  1. LJ, seriously, “Ward played well for the Crew at the end”? What the heck are you talking about? When was he even on the field? He couldn’t get off the bench past Pierce and several converted d-mids that ended playing there. Padula would be an improvement over Ward if he just stands in a 2×2 sq. ft area somewhere on the left of the defense. He’ll manage to play more defense by luck than Ward did willingly by doing that.

  2. Ah yes, your typical “my city is better than your city, and my d*ck is bigger than your d*ck” conversation that ALWAYS comes up when people talk about the Columbus Crew.

    Really, you morons, get a life. This has absolutely NOTHING to do about how great or horrible Columbus is, yet you idiots always drag it there to make your pathetic little lifes feel worthwhile.

    To the topic at hand. If/when he is signed he has to be better than the great big hole that they have at left back currently.

    Good attempt to try to fill a whole, even if it doesn’t work out in the long run.

  3. Dude seriously have u ever even been to Columbus? Columbus is the biggest city in Ohio (bigger than cleveland cincinnati toledo)


    The only thing bigger about Columbus than Cleveland and Cincinnati is the size of the chip on their shoulder/inferiority complex. Sure its city population is larger, but it doesn’t have as large a metro area (it is smaller by 1/2 a million) as either Cincy or Cleveland. Plus, tons of the population is focused on state government and The Ohio State University. Depending on how they count population, Columbus may even have an overstated population because of those factors … and state government and the university (which suck in money from all over the state) lead to a totally different economic contribution compared to cities/regions that have grown organically around a greater manufacturing/commercial emphasis.

    The capacity of people from Columbus to cry about how big-time (as a city) they are would be hilarious if it was not so pathetic.

  4. Come now Jordan . . . that is simply my annoying New York sarcasm. Ive been to Columbus. Yes folks – it does have buildings and cars. No visible cows – but pet cows went unaccounted for.

    Things I like about the Crew:

    1 – Their Argies (Padula, good or bad, is Argie and is all I care about)

    2 – Their color scheme. Best in the league. Yellow and black is awesome.

  5. Oh, Don’t ever use the words Urban and Columbus in the same sentence. Columbus is as Urban as Mars and actually that’s with apologies to Martians.

  6. I’m from Chicago and I’ve been to Columbus and it’s closer to Laramie, WY in diversity than it is when compared to NY.

    Seriously, Columbus is a nice little village.

    Really serious — as a Fire fan and this doesn’t happen often – you know there’s no luv loss between Crew & Fire fans, I really would feel bad for Crew fans if you signed the “Sexual Chocolate” version of a defender. You guys still have time to save yourselves and even Crew fans actually deserve better than this guy.

  7. Dude seriously have u ever even been to Columbus? Columbus is the biggest city in Ohio (bigger than cleveland cincinnati toledo) and very urban. It is not fu cking cow country and there is a good bit of diversity in columbus. It isnt new york but it also isnt laramie wyoming either. So get your facts straight! (Mike gundy reference-look it up)

  8. I wonder if acquisitions of Argentines was for Schelletto, in one way or another.

    Obviously Argentina is a great place to get cheap talent, but Tim Ward played well for the Crew towards the end, and he was cheap too right? Just a thought…


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