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Fantasy MLS is back


With Major League Soccer less than two weeks one day away from kickoff it is time to start thinking about Fantasy MLS get your Fantasy MLS team ready.

The second season of the SBI Fantasy MLS League is set to kick off and all SBI readers are welcome to take part. All you have to do is sign up for the MLS Fantasy Challenge at Once you have created an account you just look up the SBI Fantasy League and join the league. I don’t think there is a limit to the number of teams we can have. Last year we had more than 270 teams (and this year we’re up to 289). Just try to use your real name for the log-in. I plan on awarding prizes during the year so I want to have the real names of the people behind the winning teams.

If you plan on joining the league let us know in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share your experience from last year’s league, which was extremely competitive.


  1. First year. I’m in as well.

    Kpugs, at least its slow… I filled out a team on ESPN’s fantasy site.. and the next day they wiped all the MLS teams out. Had to re-do it.

  2. I’m in (FC Hooligans), played in another league last year but didn’t join until weeks late. Just really played to beat out my son!

    Can someone please explain how the BENCH players work and how they get points?


  3. Hey guys- just signed up. Team: the Ankle Breakers. Objective: Destroy the competition. I won my pointy ball footy league last season, never played in a real footy league so I look forward to playing with you guys. Peace.

  4. RE:

    aww man, i cant join 2 leagues. i had created one a few days ago (empire state elite) but now i really want to join SBI’s

    Posted by: Matt G | March 17, 2008 at 05:47 PM

    Yeah, I had that same problem. You just have to use anothe email to create another team. if you have more than one email already it only takes like 5 minutes. The dissapointing thing is you have to manage two teams, but you can try different things and strategies at least.

  5. To JMiller: yup, MFLS is free. At least it was when I created my team a few weeks ago. I think leagues are limited to 24 teams each though. Perhaps SBI 1 through ?

  6. aww man, i cant join 2 leagues. i had created one a few days ago (empire state elite) but now i really want to join SBI’s

  7. ya i’m joining. Last year i finished in the top thousand overall and i didnt start till gameweek 3. team names The Hoosiers. bring it on everyone.

  8. Mississippi Freedom Summe(r) is back again, ready to replicate its top 15 finish from last year’s SBI League (and somewhere in the top 130 – I think – from the game overall – got a free mini-ball)!

    Looking forward to competing again with Hub Tiger and everyone else.

  9. Can you join more than one league? I haven’t figured out how yet, I am already in one, but I want to join this one too.

  10. I’ve already joined a league, but maybe I’ll switch. TSV Walking Dead! And I definitely would second Chris’ recommendation – check out MFLS too. I actually like it better than the official fantasy league. At any rate: Turn- und Sportverein Walking Dead…..shambling up the standings near you.


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