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Guevara to MLS deal hits snag, sources say deal is still alive


According to Amado Guevara’s U.S.-based agent, Patrick McCabe, talks to bring the former MLS MVP back to Major League Soccer have stalled, though sources believe the talks are still very much alive.

"Amado will not be joining MLS at this time," McCabe said in an email. "The MLS made a concerted effort to see that Amado rejoin the league and we were able to reach an agreement but unfortunately certain obligations could not be met within the requested time period and unfortunately this means that Amado will stay with Motagua until the end of their current season.

"Amado does hope to return to MLS during the summer transfer period."

Does this mean the deal is dead? According to one source within MLS, the deal is still very much alive while at least one league source believes the deal could be completed well before the April 15 transfer deadline, which is still almost three weeks away.

Sources within MLS would not say what the major hold-up is, but one source believes compensation to be paid to Guevara’s current club, Motagua, has become an issue.

Guevara was in the Florida on Wednesday playing for Honduras’ in its 2-1 victory against Colombia in Ft. Lauderdale. Guevara assisted on Henry Thomas’ game-winning goal.


  1. You know what’d be hilarious is Henry playing in USL this year. For 2008 the Sounders have moved from Qwest down to a 3000-seat stadium in the ‘burbs. He’d play in front of no fans and score about 40 goals. Bwahahaha.

    Yeah that rumor is ridiculous. It does seem like the ownership group up here likes to think big though. If Nakamura is available I think they’ll try to make a big push for him.

  2. Sweet Jesus I log off of myspace and what advertisement greets me but JPA for a Red Bulls home opener advertisement on myspace!

  3. Mo Johnston is a boob. We have had more rumours and triallists thru here than Elliot Spitzer has had call girls since being Governor.

    Come on Mo, the natives are getting restless.

  4. Ives, do you have any info on the rumor that Thierry Henry is in advanced contract negotiations to play for the future Seattle franchise?

  5. Ives when can TFC fans get off this roller coaster? Can’t ML$E pony up the cash for the transfer, or is it all decided by MLS? Help…..please….


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