Marmol Resolution Looming

Marmol Resolution Looming

Major League Soccer

Marmol Resolution Looming


The Lider Marmol saga appears to be close to a resolution. The Paraguayan midfielder is expected to learn where he will play in MLS soon now that the league is negotiating a contract with Marmol’s representatives.

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, MLS is set to negotiate a salary with Marmol. The total of the offer is unknown but the Chicago Fire will have the first chance to sign Marmol for the price set by MLS. If the Fire is unwilling to sign Marmol for the price set forth by MLS then the Red Bulls will have a chance to sign him.

League officials would not confirm whether this was the arrangment being made for Marmol but the 22-year-old free agent told SBI that he thinks his status cuold be resolved as early as this week.

"This is not a comfortable position for me to be in, not knowing what club I will play for," Marmol said after Red Bulls training on Thursday. "I just want an answer because I have been without a team for a long time and, as a player, that isn’t a healthy situation to be in.

"It’s a surprising situation for me to be in because I’ve never been in a situation like this before," Marmol said. "On one hand it’s good and on the other hand it’s not. It’s good to have two teams want you but at the same time I want something decided soon because it doesn’t sit well not knowing where I will go."

Marmol did not state a preference as to which club he wants to play for, though his presence in Red Bulls camp seems to suggests he is more comfortable with New York.

"For me, the two teams are good and, whether it’s New York or Chicago, I will try to do the best I can and give my all," Marmol said.

Marmol spent Thursday at the Giants Stadium practice bubble rehabilitating a hamstring injury he suffered in Austria. He is expected to join the Red Bulls on their trip to Charleston, South Carolina for the Carolina Challenge Cup.

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