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Michael Bradley nets brace, scores game-winner for Heerenveen

U.S. national team midfielder Michael Bradley scored two goals, including a side-volley game-winner in Heerenveen’s 4-3 win against Roda on Saturday.

For those of you keeping track at home, that gives Bradley 15 league goals for Heerenveen and a jaw-dropping 20 goals in all competitions for the Dutch club. Needless to say, Bradley will be moving on this summer. Don’t expect a transfer record for a U.S. player though, Bradley only has one year left on his deal, but should still fetch somewhere between $4 and $6 million in the summer transfer market.

Bradley’s second goal on Saturday, a 61st-minute goal to break a 3-3 tie, is a true stunner. Enjoy:



  1. Beuatiful goal from Bradley. Good thing he’s not in MLS where most strikers can’t hit net from two feet out. Just watched 23’s display the worst touches in the box that you may ever see from professionals.

    Hon 1 USA 0. Twenty shots by US all off target, yikes. Nowak has found four tough players Holden, Orozco, McCarthy and Wynne, but must dump Ianni, Davies, Barret, and Findley. Orozco really has agame. Twice he shielded off attacker so Cervi could catch but both times goalie stayed still at let ball bounce. Nowak wiil need to add an overage forward.

  2. Good points Brian but I would vote against a Scottish club. He will have to make a transfer this summer because of his contract situation. I think he could do well in Germany but I think he would most likely stay with his next club for 2 to 3 years unless he has an amazing year after being transferred and becomes an immediate transfer target.

    Remember he should also have an audition next week in Poland and I am sure the Bundesliga will be familiar with a lot of the Polish players and they should be able to get a good assessment of Bradley’s talent in that game.

  3. “It’s amazing how many American fans are always looking for ways to cut down American players.


    Mike, I think your misunderstanding. I don’t think anyone is saying Bradley is crap. He is a wonderful young US player who is having an outstanding season and our hats are all off to the young man for the courage it takes to try to hone your trade overseas where the leagues and players can eat you alive if you don’t produce. And Bradley has certainly produced.

    I’ve been involved with this game for a lot of years now. And there are still a ton of American fans, God bless them, that want every player that comes from this country to be the next Ronaldo or Rhonaldino. And what some of us are saying is, we want the same thing. But we’ve been around the block enough to know we’re not there yet. We are getting there and watching the progress has been a gas. Because I coached for a lot of years when the sport was just taking off here, it gives me immense pleasure to go out to the fields on a Saturday afternoon and see these American 14 year olds doing things both technically and tactically that our 18 years olds couldn’t begin to do 15 years ago.

    So no one wants to down American players. Quite the opposite quite frankly. But we also see so many American supporters who think every American kid that goes to Europe is going to be “IT”.

    Lets not take anything away from the fantastic year Michael Bradley is having. But lets not jump the gun either and think that he could step into the bigger leagues in the world and do the same thing. Playing in the Eredivisie was one of the smartest things he could have done for himself to develop as a players.

    I really like what ben said on the post above this one. A move to a German club or a Celtic, Rangers or perhaps as ben said, a PSV would be a great move for him for another year or two. Then he will be ready, I believe to step onto the bigger stage and not have such a learning curve. It would allow him to slide right into a club in one of those leagues and fit right into a starting 11.


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