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MLS Matchday One: Your Running Commentary


Good afternoon everybody. Today is the start of the Major League Soccer season and there are some quality match-ups to start the year.

Here are today’s games:

  • Toronto FC at Columbus
  • Chicago Fire at Real Salt Lake
  • Houston Dynamo at New England Revolution
  • D.C. United at Kansas City Wizards
  • Los Angeles Galaxy at Colorado Rapids

If you are wondering who I’m picking in today’s games, check out my game previews on, which are at the bottom of my piece on the influx of foreign players into MLS.

If you are following MLS matches today and tonight, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions (as well as some play-by-play) in the comments section below.

Enjoy the soccer.


  1. I think if Beckham had had a better game with England he would be playing better now. He seems depressed. Can you blame him? I don’t think he is going to stick this out.

  2. Starks, his accolades with United. Tell me again how great it must have felt to win a single one in 4 years in Spain at a club that is expected by its owners and fans to win it every year.

    Manchester United (1993–2003)

    * Premier League – Champion (6): 1995–96, 1996–97, 1998–99, 1999–00, 2000–01, 2002–03

    * Premier League – Runner Up: 1994–95, 1997–98

    * FA Cup Winner (2): 1996, 1999

    * FA Cup Runner Up: 1995

    * UEFA Champions League Winner: 1998–99

    * Intercontinental Cup: 1999

    * UEFA Super Cup Runner Up: 1999

    * Community Shield Winner (4): 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997

    * Community Shield Runner Up: 1998, 2000, 2001

    * FA Youth Cup Winner: 1992

  3. It’s the curse of Beckham. Since leaving Manchester Unitd in 2003, his clubs have won one league title, one domestic cup (both at Madrid), and appeared in one SuperCup final with they lost (L.A.).

  4. The referee should stop the game. This may be more embarrassment than Beckham can stand.

    How is this ever going to get fixed if there is no one to fire the whole front office? If anyone hires Lalas again it will be amazing. He needs to go back to broadcasting. He was pretty good at that.

  5. Ouch, Rapids fans. Mastroeni subbed in at 4 – 0 for mop-up duty. I’m still not over looking at Colorado and thinking what if they had the sense to dump Pablo and keep Beckerman, not the other way around. He and Gomez would be great together.

    Oh well, RSL certainly can use him.

  6. It is amazing Aristotle. And with all those guys attacking they can’t produce.

    AND their defenders might as well not even be there. Great strategy using 90% of your salary cap on 3 dudes.

  7. Good question, it can’t be the altitude & all of the travel can it? They just don’t look good at all. Becks is looking a little tired… and then Clark dribbles right through the LA box like a scene out of ‘Victory’…

  8. How much does RSL pay guys like Espindola, Mantilla, Morales, etc? If I had to fill out a roster with a bunch of $30k players, I’d much rather gamble with 3rd tier Argentinian prospects or the Gambian guys the Revs trotted out than these guys LA signs.

    (If I’m totally off on these very unheralded international players, I’d like to know what they are paid)

  9. I just got back from the crew game. I loved the final result. I need to give a shout-out to the TFC fans. It was great to see the road support and watching them cheer their team on. However, it was even better when they were silent from the 80th minute on. TFC, i wish you the best of luck this season.

  10. Oh my goodness. Does no one in the Galaxy defense feel like running to try to catch up to the breakaway? Do they not care to work for their keeper? Maybe I’m missing something in the mini-feed of FSC I’m getting online, but that sure looked like jogging…

  11. It’s getting hard to see why anyone would want to play for the L.A. Galaxy organization anymore. They have a nice stadium?

    Goooooaaaal! Nice.

  12. I’m not a GALs fan… I watched the replay and Xavier got the ball first and then the player. But hey, if LAG can’t put the ball into the net none of this matters anyway.

  13. DCM, it was harsh but come on, he didn’t get the ball at all. Just because the Rapids player decided to try to stay up instead of dying doesn’t mean it’s not a foul. It was sloppy and would have been a foul outside the box, so why not inside?

  14. Wow! Cancel the “MLS wants the Gals to win” conspiracy, or at least put it on ice. That was fun watching Becks try and hold back Xavier.

    I was just about to ask if Christian Gomez was really in the game when he stole the pass that started the whole sequence.

  15. Should have been a straight red there. Gordon ripped him from behind, no ball in site. I guess since that was the first booking he felt it shouldn’t be straight red. Or it’s a combo of bad officiating and the league rule that L.A. players cannot be sent off.


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