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MLS Waiver Draft set for today

With the MLS deadline for teams to be roster and salary cap compliant passing on Monday night, the league will hold a waiver draft today where teams can select from players let go by their teams on Monday. A few intriguing veterans are mixed in with some seldom-used fringe players who won’t draw much interested.

Here are the players available for today’s draft (set for 3pm):

Nicholas Addlery (D.C. United)

Celestine Babayaro (Los Angeles Galaxy)

Kyle Brown (Real Salt Lake)

Jose Cancela (Colorado Rapids)

Tim Conway (Chicago Fire)

Jeff Curtin (Chicago Fire)

Floyd Franks (Chicago Fire)

Sandy Gbandi (FC Dallas)

Kelly Gray (Los Angeles Galaxy)

Duke Hashimoto (Real Salt Lake)

Chase Hilgenbrinck (Colorado Rapids)

Scott Jones (FC Dallas)

Richie Kotschau (Real Salt Lake)

Chris Lancos (Real Salt Lake)

Kyle Martino (Los Angeles Galaxy)

Jerson Monteiro (D.C. United)

Jay Nolly (D.C. United)

Andrei Pacheco (Columbus Crew)

Rusty Pierce (Columbus Crew)

Brandon Prideaux (Colorado Rapids)

Ryan Raybould (Kansas City Wizards)

Jordan Russolillo (Chicago Fire)

Kenny Stamatopolus (Toronto FC)

Osei Telesford (Chicago Fire)

Jacob Thomas (Columbus Crew)

Ricardo Virtuoso (Columbus Crew)

Clifton Wilmes (Colorado Rapids)

Here is the order for the waiver draft:

1. San Jose Earthquakes                        

2. Toronto FC               

3. Real Salt Lake                      

4. Los Angeles Galaxy

5. Colorado Rapids                     

6. Columbus Crew         

7. New York Red Bulls

8. FC Dallas

9. Chivas USA

10. D.C. United

11. Kansas City Wizards

12. Chicago Fire

13. New England Revolution

14. Houston Dynamo

The players I put in bold are the ones I think will draw some interest. Players I think the Red Bulls might consider? Kyle Martino, Jose Cancela and Chase Hilgenbrink are all possibilities.

Which players would you like to see your team take a stab it if given the chance? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Geoff:

    I’m not one of those people, of which there seem to be a lot of, that tell you what you meant after you say something. Even after you tell them a second time what you meant. So if that’s what you say you meant, fine.

    I did see your comment, though. I just thought since you thought Babyaro, a known problem, was a major upgrade to Dunivant, that maybe you didn’t appreciate Dunivant too much.

  2. Surprising list!

    The Babayaro thing really didn’t surprise me at all. Since Newcastle clearly seemed to think he was unable to recover from his last injury, I didn’t understand why the Galaxy were taking him anyway. Desperate hope, I guess.

    There are always some surprises because you don’t know what’s going on with some of the players, but this list is full of them. Especially when you consider how thin the talent level is being stretched with the expansion.

    Jose Cancela?

    Floyd Franks?

    (Seemed really promising at one point. I think it was the Eric Wynalda curse that got him and some players on this list. He said this guy was going to be REALLY good.)

    Kelly Gray?

    Didn’t seem that much different from the Kelly Gray of past years.

    Chase Hilgenbrinck and Duke Hashimoto? You have to keep these guys! They would have had the coolest names in MLS! (Along with Babayaro) “Hilgenbrinck cuts inside, lays it off to Hashimoto who dribbles around Babayaro and scores!” Oh, well.


    Are you kidding with that comment about Dunivant? If your a Toronto fan you really don’t deserve him. Take Goldthwaite back! Why would Toronto want a broken player?

    Kyle Martino?

    Yes, I know, but I didn’t think things had deteriorated this much. This is another Wynalda curse by the way. Wynalda proclaimed greatness for him. He should definitely not be a scout!

    Rusty Pierce?


    Brandon Prideaux?

    I never liked him but he seemed to fit into the Kelly Gray category.

    Ricardo Vituoso and Jacob Thomas both seemed really good when they started out for Columbus. Especially Virtuoso. I thought Virtuoso lost a great chance to prove himself when they signed Guillermo Barros Schelotto.


    I rate Virtuoso! As long as Steve Nicol is coach of NE I don’t see Rusty Pierce ever going back. Don’t you remember? You member!

    Nicol and NE unloaded some guys simply because they dared to get injured a few times. Grudgingly, I will admit he appears to have been right about Rusty.

  3. I think the Red Bulls should take a chance in bringing in Babyaro. How do you think LA would react if we signed him and he had a great season. If we dont I think Chivas USA should bring him in, other wise I see him going to SJ, Toronto, or Chicago.

  4. Am I the only one who rates Virtuoso? Certainly he’d be a better option on the left for the Revs than Khano Smith, right?

    Also might be a chance for the Revs to get some defensive depth. The return of Rusty Pierce, maybe?

  5. I watched all the Gals preseason games and what I saw of Babyaro was he is too slow to play as a fullback and when he is playing at LM he has no awareness of the man playing behind him and compromised himself and the fullback behind him quite a bit. He looked good going forward in the attack, but that isn’t going to help a team that needs to shore up it’s defense especially at the money he is no doubt asking.

    I’m sure he’s pissed about it since he did sign for 3 years, but I could see some team taking a change on him as he might fit in the right system.

  6. Babyaro’s last good year about about 1997… The best thing I’d hope for is Chicago to pick him up, so Schelotto can shred him a couple of times this year.

    Put it this way – if you’re a defender, and *Newcastle* doesn’t want you, you’ve got issues.

    Martino seems to be too much donna and not enough prima. He made a big deal out of getting the #10 shirt at Columbus in ’05, then played like twaddle for most of the year, when Simon Elliot clearly deserved the #10 shirt.

    If I’m the Quakes, I take a chance on Kotschau. He’s not the fastest guy out there, but he’s smart, vocal, organizes players on the field well, and great in the locker room. He’s a veteran who can give you 15-20 starts, and sub in as needed in the other games. In the meantime, he can be a personality around which the other lads can coalesce and rally to give a new team some identity.

    Cancela would be intriguing if he doesn’t ask for too much money.

  7. Ives,

    Any word on who the Red Bulls took, if anyone? I would be surprised if they didn’t bring in Babayaro and Chase Hilgenbrink for a look at left back. What would they have to lose? If the player doesn’t work, they could always waive him again…

  8. This entire system is stupid. Discovery claims, waiver drafts, allocation money. It’s overly complicated and painful to endure.

  9. Seattle can start picking up a few players in preparation for next year. As a NY fan I’d like to see them pick up Cancela or Martino on the cheap…

  10. Thank goodness the MLS waiver draft is this afternoon. Otherwise I would have been forced to watch the Champions League!!!

    LA is in serious salary cap jail, huh? Could get ugly out there.

  11. Regarding the Galaxy, you must consider the utter incompetence of the front office. The Gals have three players consuming half their salary cap, so they have to pair away any mid-range players to make cap room for Beckham, Ruiz and Donovan. The rest of the squad will be making the minimum or close to it.

    The Galaxy will be an utter joke this year. The Gals will finish last in the West, won’t win 10 games and will allow at least 60 goals. Gullit will be gone by the end of the season because his patience will be exhausted.

    Remember, you read that here first…

  12. Rob C, my point wasn’t to talk down on Dunivant, I think he’s a good, versatile player for Toronto, but you have to say that Babayaro would be a big step up if we were to grab him. Having Wynne and Babayaro at fullback is a pretty intimidating tandom.

  13. Babayaro = 3 possibilities:

    visa problems

    too high salary demands

    not rated by Gullit, Bravo, Cobi and Co

    the 45mins he played he was useless, the rookies were better.

    Gray will end up in SJE (He was Yallops trade last year)

  14. I dunno what kind of shape Babayaro would be in as LA is desperate for defense and he was of good calibre. I dont think TFC will go for him either as we are in need of a midfield rather then defence at this time.

  15. Ives, great article on DC United for ESPN. Do you think that DC would go for Prideaux given his history with them and their defensive issues? Also, really appreciate you giving Ben Olsen his due – he is rarely given the credit he deserves for his impact both on DC United and even the US National team.

  16. I’m also surprised at Kelly Gray. At times last year he seemed the only Galaxy midfielder that positioned himself properly to receive a pass from DB and do something with it. I can’t believe he doesn’t have a place in this league given some of the midfielders playing on some teams.

  17. Surprised to hear Geoff talk down on Dunivant…I’d take him back on the Red Bulls in a second, I think he’s a very good player.

  18. Martino needs to get on with his life selling cars at a Used Car Lot.

    I would say a big disappointment. I liked him when he first came into the league, but then he has gotten progressively worse. I can’t stand the guy now. The way he carries himself on the field. How he makes a meal out of every foul on him. The little ritual of taking minutes to pull up his socks.

    I also blame him for the downfall of the Columbus Crew. The Crew got rid of Jeff Cunningham because of Martino. Martino could not play with Cunningham, so they traded Cunningham. The Crew have not been the same since.

    Send him to the Used Car Lot! And don’t let him coach any kids.

  19. If I needed a left-back, maybe even a reserve LB, I’d take Hilgenbrinck.

    I’d also take Kelly Gray as he’s a top squad player. SJE will take him.

  20. Glutton for punishment that I am, I might take a run at Martino if I were the Quakes.

    Kelly Gray is more likely, however.

  21. I thought that too about Addlery. He signed with the Vancouver Whitecaps after failing to impress at DC camp. I wonder what would happen if some team took him in the waiver draft. (I suppose he signed an MLS contract and would have to honor it.)

  22. Celestine Babayero!? What the hell is that about? Wasn’t he supposed to be a big part of improving LA’s defence? I would imagine he’s pissed.

    Ives, why did you not put him in bold? Too expensive, or just a lousy player (I never watch Newcastle)?

  23. Addlery had some nice moments with DC last year… big strong forward with decent pace although at some point I thought I heard he was already on or headed for a USL club.

  24. Something is up there. I didn’t even hear they actually signed him, just that they had him on trial. I’m wondering if this is somehow contract manipulation in some form . . . hmm.

  25. So…I’m guessing the Babayaro experiment didn’t work out in LA? What’s up with that?

    Another player that sticks out is R. Pierce, he’s a pretty good player when he’s on.

    As is another former Crew member, R. Virtuoso. Too bad Virtuoso couldn’t stay healthy. When he is and his heart is in the game, it’s hard to find anyone more exciting to watch.


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