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Morning Ticker: Ronaldinho’s Barca exit, Liverpool’s owners feud and Cahill’s season-ending injury


Good morning folks. As we transition away from the mid-week international schedule to the weekend’s juicy club schedule (which includes MLS starting tomorrow), here are a few news tidbits to get your day going.

Ronaldinho’s Barca exit not assured

Ronaldinho’s agent and brother, Roberto Assis, tried to downplay growing rumors that the Brazilian star is ready to leave Barcelona this summer. Ronaldinho has once again fallen out of favor with the Spanish giants and reports are surfacing linking him to a move out of Spain, with Chelsea one popular destination.

Will Barcelona really sell him? Considering the emergence of Bojan, and the transfer revenue Barcelona would receive from selling Ronaldinho and Giovanni Dos Santos, Barca could have its pick of players in the summer transfer market this summer. It should also be noted that Barcelona still boasts the central midfield trio of Deco, Xavi and Andres Iniesta.

Cahill out for the season

Everton midfielder Tim Cahill is out for the rest of the season with a broken foot. Cahill suffered the injury in Everton’s 1-1 draw vs. West Ham last weekend. The news, which will put a dent in Everton’s quest to secure a Champions League place, is a miserable blow for Everton just two days before it’s showdown vs. Liverpool.

Gillet calls out Hicks, Liverpool fans yawn

From the ‘Bad Timing’ department comes word that Liverpool co-owner George Gillet has revealed that his relationship with fellow co-owner Tom Hicks is a disaster. Gillet used the term ‘unworkable’ but disaster is more appropriate. Hicks blocked Gillet from selling his half of the club to oil-rich DIC, leaving the fabled club in uncomfortable limbo.

So why is it bad timing? Well, there’s this little thing called the Merseyside Derby this weekend. Liverpool is facing arch-rival Everton in a match that could determine which team goes to next year’s Champions League. That’s a wee bit more important than this billionaire’s spat.

Quick Kicks

Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna will be sidelined for three weeks with an ankle injury. …Lukas Podolski is tired of being on the bench at Bayern Munich and is ready to leave. …


  1. really chase, the “readership” did find it amusing that you would quickly “jump the host”,so as to display your football knowledge. ease up, your name is a verb.

  2. It’s not inconceivable that Ronaldinho would leave Barca. If Inter offers 60-75 million euros, Barca would be stupid not to take that (this take of 12 million pounds to Chelski is just silly).

    It is inconceivable that dos Santos is going anywhere, though. I can’t see Barca selling him at any point in the near future.

    Re: George Gillet: yeah, *he’s* the problem at Liverpool. *rolls eyes*

  3. Really Ives, I wouldn’t automatically assume the ignorance of your readership, I didn’t mean to come off as a prick or anything though…

  4. George Gillet has been the problem at Liverpool (and in every other business he’s owned for that matter). He’s the one with the credit problem (due to his multiple Chapter 11 filings) – not Hicks.

    George Gillet has been an abject failure with the Montreal Canadiens. They were hockey — now they lick the skates of warm weather brands like the Anaheim Ducks.

    George Gillet has also caused major internal strife at Evernham Motorsports.

    George Gillet leaves Liverpool – good riddance.

  5. Honestly, I would love to see RBNY take a chance and break the bank for Ronaldinho. I know I’m living in fantasy land, but it’s a dream I’m going to hang on to.

  6. Chase, settle down, while I did change it to Merseyside, not everybody understands what that means. At least not here in the states.

  7. Ronaldinho is staying. It’s Deco that is leaving, most likely to an EPL club. I’d hate to see either one go.

    I’m really down on Cahill’s injury. The Aussie has been one of my top 5 players in the world. The guy is just clutch when you need something to happen. Here’s hoping Pienaar and Osman can pick up the slack.

    If an ownership spat at Liverpool means an Everton win this weekend, I’m all for it.


  8. please don’t take history of his sports teams as the measuring stick. he also owns the Stars who have won a Stanley Cup in the past 10 years and have been generally successful overall.

    what’s sad about the rangers is his complete mis-management of them. makes me want to cry…

  9. Jeffrey

    You make it sound like Hicks is not willing to spend money. He has spent money & is always willing to spend. Where he sucks is in the hiring of talent evaluaters & sometimes he gets the urge to be hands on. With soccer he is clueless & this might actually make him a better owner. No guarantee.


  10. Ronaldinho can’t fall out of favour with anyone, he is simply just too talented.

    I like Cahill, too bad he is hurt.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to Podolski. How much do you think he is worth?

  11. Dinho isnt going anywhere I dont understand why the press is making this such a big deal I dont understand why in spain it seems like they mess more with Barca players then Madrid players ! He has already stated himself that he is happy in Barca and even if he were to move he said it wouldnt be to Chelsea or either Milans because ” its not my brand of football” I really love Barca but as a fan they have to do a much better job of protecting their superstars from criticism that has eventually seen the likes or Rivaldo,Figo ( he wasnt really criticized just a greedy money hungry pig) kluivert, and other greats that has left this great team, Im really starting to question the type of organization that this club has I will never lose my love for Barca as a TEAM however i am getting sick of them as an organization and the way they handle their players can anyone correct me if im wrong ?

  12. Ives: What is the MLS approach to selecting owners? I bring this up b/c Hicks is a great example of what a league does not need. His TX Rangers are poor and have done nothing since mid 90s. Gillet at least own the NHL Cadillac and culture flag (ala Barca), the Montreal Canadiens. Without threat of relegation in US, an owner like Hicks can be seen as more interested in making a profit of a “entertainment concept” rather than trying to guide/support a team to victory. Unlike other entertainment like movies, teams are monopolies in their market. So what is the MLS going to do, short of relegation, to ensure that owners are winning focused over profit focused. The cap does some good now like the NFL but as that gets loosened, what is the means to keep focus on winning? A Hicks-type owner would be devastating to a fan base.


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