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You Write the Caption: The best of the Onyewu-Marquez entries

Good afternoon folks. As I work my way back into the normal routine of posting on the site Post-Austria I know I have several older posts to get to, such as the last of the Q&A session, which I am working on, and a few You Write the Caption contests I’m sure some of you are anxious to see the results of.

Wait no more. Here are the Top 10 caption entries for the following photo of Oguchi Onyewu and Rafael Marquez locked in a staredown during their recent 2-2 tie in Houston:


And here are the winning captions:

10. We are this close to beating you on US soil. (DREW)

9. "In an effort to distract the imposing Onyewu, Marquez does the macarena while seated on his arse." (GOLDEN CHILD)

8. Marquez:"May I have this dance" (SHAMAR)

7. I already gave you my lunch money its not my fault the peso is weak (MUTINY FAN)

6. Marquez: Gooch, I really don’t think we should keep playing Twister on the field during games…(DANNYC58)

5. Onyewu: "If we are going to dance… I lead." (BRANDON)

4. "Dude… when I put my arm like this, it means I’m turning. I totally had the right of way!" (ARRIAGA)

3. "I wish I knew how to quit you" (HE from NJ)

2. "Dude, I said are you ready to Rumba. Not are you ready to rumble." (SEA OTTER)

And the No. 1 caption is:

1. My name is Oguchi Onyewu. You killed my father. Prepare to die!(JEREMY)

There they are. Feel free to share your thoughts on the Top 10 (along with any captions you feel should have made the cut) below.


  1. “I don’t know what happened dude. First we were having a little drink, the next thing you know I woke up with a size 20 poop shute.”

  2. I really thought I had a shot with “Stay down, Bitch!” But political correctness does have it’s place, even on the internet.

  3. #’s 1-10; not funny. Don’t know if it is a reflection on the selector or the dismal quality of humour supplied by subscribers.

    Pick it up people.

  4. Crap Luis, you’re right. That’s weird.

    And Dominghosa, Michael Bradley scored? Yawn. That’s not news.

    (I kid, of course. The continuation of his excellent season, especially with Alves no longer there for defenses to focus on, is great news.)


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