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Red Bulls down Red Bulls Salzburg, 3-2, in scrimmage

Unanswered second-half goals from Juan Pablo Angel, Luke Sassano and Mike Magee helped the Red Bulls post a 3-2 victory against Red Bull Salzburg at Bullen Arena in Salzburg, Austria on Thursday.

After a scoreless first half, Salzburg opened the scoring with strikes from Vladimir Janocko (47th minute) and Djorje Rakic (53rd minute) before Angel got the Red Bulls on the board in the 59th minute when he finished off the rebound of a saved Claudio Reyna shot. Reyna set up the equalizer in the 66th minute when he set up rookie Luke Sassano with a close-range goal.

Magee provided the game-winner in the 78th minute when he buried a rebounded Sassano shot.

The Salzburg squad was made up of first-team players who did not play full minutes in Red Bull Salzburg’s 3-0 league win against Wacker Innsbruck on Wednesday night.

Paraguayan trialist Lider Marmol left the match with a hamstring injury that is expected to keep him sidelined for six weeks. Mexican trialist Jose Mendoza did not play in the match.


  1. I saw Danleigh Broman play in college as he played against my son in the A-10. Do you see him as a player the Red Bulls will hang on to? And if so, will he see playing time with the 1st team?

  2. I am surprised noone has commented that Sassano seems to be a pleasant surprise filling for Dane, with a goal and assist. This greatly reduces my fears of DR’s absense…

  3. “Paraguayan trialist Lider Marmol left the match with a hamstring injury that is expected to keep him sidelined for six weeks”

    Right, and JCO left due to ‘family reasons.’

    Someone please link another article stating this, it seems a little too convenient for RBNY. Between Ives idea of a ‘fair’ trade value for Conde and this, I’m starting to wonder if SBI anymore trustworthy than Juan Carlos Iscariot.

  4. Smith, your points are well taken. But from the standpoint of competetion for places within the team (basically, depth), I don’t see as much for NY. I’m sure you’re right, though. By the time the season starts, Osorio will have a few new recruits. As of today though, they’re short. And I don’t think you guys should be content with Claudio as the attacking CM. He can still dictate play from deep, but he’d be the least productive attacking CM in MLS if that’s where he ends up. He flat out doesn’t score or assist much at all anymore.

  5. Thanks for backing me up, RK. Onionsack – until Philly got awarded a team, I’d simply been an MLS fan and non-rooting observer since 1996. You can call it whatever model you want, but RK is right – since DC has OBJECTIVELY had the most success of the MLS teams that have been doing it since day one, I can REASONABLY call it the DC model. So relax bro.

    Does anyone agree that RSL looks like the real deal this year? Would you trade NY’s squad for RSL’s today?

  6. No they were not, its just another claim DC fans like to make (Philly fans are just surrogate DC fans anways).

    I know excatly what “model” he is refering to. Its the same thing many teams have done over the years. DC doesn’t have a patent on this idea of signing latin american players.

  7. And of course, no one can ever be sure how well foreign players will adapt to MLS.

    Sergio Galvan Rey, baby. Jao Luiz. Guido. All the greats.

  8. Onionsack, you get an F in reading comprehension, or an A in overreactive fanboyism. juke box hero clearly said he was an “objective Philly guy”.

    And you have to admit that DC was one of the first, if not the first, to really reap rewards from its Latin/South American scouting. I think that’s the “model” he is referring to…

  9. Or you can argue that RBNY is a pretty good team which didn’t play up to its potential last year. Also, remember that our First Kicjk is a week later than everyone else’s so it gives us a little more time on the Aquisition front.

  10. Aside from Becks, there is no-one is this league with the passing accuracy of Claudio – no one at all. The guy makes very few bad passes.

    His only real problem last year was fitness (and maybe a little mental fatigue due to verbal sparring with Bruce Arena).

    His only real problem this year, once again, will be maintaining fitness. Playing a more offensive midfield position, he may also need to address his habit of automatically dropping back to help out on D.

  11. DC Model? What you think they came up with that? Dallas and LA are at least 2 teams that mixed latin and american flavor in the early years.

    DC fans self-serving(wanking)themselves to the end.

  12. As an objective Philly guy, I see NY treading water. They’ve brought in no one of significance (maybe Etcheverry, but he won’t be a starter), with only a few weeks until “First Kick”. Look around the league and you’ll see significant players brought in on virtually every other team. Last year’s team was not good enough to win it all, and this year’s team is about the same. Chicago has 3 new strikers, DC has like 7 new South Americans, and New England has Albright, a couple Costa Ricans, & the Gambian kids on the rise.

    Incidentally, I really like what Kreis is doing with RSL’s roster. It’s the DCU model, but with younger South Americans and good youngish American players (Findley, Sturgis, Beckerman, Borchers).

  13. Im actually feeling pretty good about this team, I think Osorio will do a great job and give the players the confidence they lacked.

  14. I agree Frimp.

    There is a lot of talent on this team all over the field. We have arguably the best strikers in the league. There are some very good passers in the midfield (Reyna and van den Bergh) as well as good speed out wide in the form of Dane Richards when he returns. Defensively, I have always been a fan of Parke and Mendes, and I think Osorio will drastically improve this team defensively, as that is his forte.

    There are concerns, like every team. But what I see happening is the Red Bulls playing decent soccer to start the year and then making 1 or 2 impact signings in midseason. Ives has said that a couple of Osorio’s transfer targets play for European clubs, but probably means they won’t be available until the European window re-opens during the summer.

    Should be an interesting year. I’m excited and optimistic.

  15. For whatever reason, I’m feeling pretty good about the upcoming year for RBNY. I don’t feel like we’re on the verge of consistency the club has always needed, but this year is promising…anyone else getting that sense or am I alone on this one?

  16. 6 weeks, huh? That would put Marmol’s estimated recovery time just a day or two past the 4/15 MLS transfer deadline.

    I don’t think Chicago is going to fall for this. Chicago doesn’t actually need to see Marmol in action to make their decision as they had their scouting done last fall. The only reason why MLS/Chicago didn’t sign Marmol last season was that his contract demands were a little too steep. If Marmol decides to sign with the league this season Chicago will exercise their discovery claim. The injury will actually work in the favor of Chicago in that it will probably prevent an ex-US based team from jumping MLS’ claim. Either Marmol compromises with MLS or he sits inactive for a few more months.

    More and more I think the hiring of Juan Carlos Osorio is going to be a disaster. I wasn’t sold on his tactics with Chicago and I’m really really uneasy about the combination of Osorio’s lack of ethics and RBNY’s impatience. The squad just isn’t shaping up the way I hoped and having another team in the league taking great pleasure in running interference against us doesn’t have me feeling confident.

    I have recurring nightmares of the Red Bulls running in place through the first 3 months of the season with tie after tie due to Osorio bunkering down in the 35th minute of every game. If Osorio keeps trotting Reyna out their the way he sent a nearly crippled Wanchope out for Chicago then we can be in for a very long, miserable season.

  17. I’m with aristotle – I’m liking the idea of Reyna up top just behind the forwards.

    From Ives’ updates he has consistently been the best passer on the field in preseason, i think it is a great fit

  18. I can’t specifically remember the last time Magee was of any use whatsoever, but I know he once was.

    Not up top…he was never a quality striker. But I remember when he spent most of a season rotating in the midfield and out wide, and I remember that for a good run of matches he was, in fact, very useful.

    This might be three big ifs but if he’s fit, if he’s in form, and if he’s playing in the midfield, well darnit maybe we might see a resurgence.

  19. Marlon:

    Yes, I know, but there is a difference between experimenting in the pre-season and actually changing a player’s position. A lot of people seem to think creative midfielder is NYRB’s greatest need, and that they need to sign one. Thus, the question. More importantly, is he good enough? If not, they do need to sign someone pronto.

  20. So much for wanting to sign Marmol. No one is going to look to do that until the guy gets healthy and fit enough to actually contribute. Tough break for the guy.

  21. He already said that Reyna has been playing that position in the preseason..

    Also was this a much cleaner match or were the strong fouls and cheats that reyna described still there/

  22. Ives:

    Is there a chance JCO is looking to use Claudio Reyna as the team’s creative midfielder?

    He used to be the creative midfielder for the USMNT, so why can’t he play that role in MLS? This is his last year and I would think for a player in the last year of his career that is prone to injury, moving to creative midfielder would help physically too.

    What do you think? Any chance?


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