Red Bulls Training Camp: Let it Snow

Red Bulls Training Camp: Let it Snow

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Red Bulls Training Camp: Let it Snow


The New York Red Bulls continued their training camp in Salzburg today with a pair of practice sessions. The afternoon session was cut a bit short when a snow storm hit the Salzburg stadium, blanketing the place with a coating of the white stuff.

The highlight of the day was seeing some Austrian newspapers printing Claudio Reyna’s proclamation that German and Austrian players are diving cheats. Reyna made the comments to the American media contingent, which means the power of the internet must have helped it find its way to the Austrian media in time for today’s additions. No word yet on a response from Salzburg players.

The funny thing is that the Red Bulls and Red Bull Salzburg were supposed to pose for a team photo today at the stadium but the snow caused the photo op to be canceled. Maybe just as well considering the bad blood from the scrimmage on Monday.

The best news of the day for the Red Bulls was probably the fact that no players were waived on Monday night. That doesn’t mean players won’t be waived before the start of the season, but some players on the bubble definitely earned some extra time to earn a roster spot.

Still awaiting word on Dane Richards’ MRI but I’ll post the info as soon as it becomes available.

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