Red Bulls update: Hello Charleston

Red Bulls update: Hello Charleston

MLS- New York Red Bulls

Red Bulls update: Hello Charleston



The Red Bulls are in South Carolina for the Charleston Cup and will play the Charleston Battery tonight in the first of three matches in the coming week.

A few tidbits:

Juan Carlos Osorio is not with the team. He is in South America scouting players this weekend. As SBI reported during the week, Osorio has stated that he has two international players lined up to be signed before the end of the MLS transfer period (April 15) but the club is hoping to land another South American-based player. Argentina and Colombia are the likely destinations for Osorio this weekend.

Those of you wondering about Lider Marmol’s "serious" hamstring injury, as I mentioned on Friday, the injury didn’t look that serious based on what he was doing in training. Want more proof? Here’s a picture from Charleston:

That’s Marmol training in Charleston, though to be fair this may just be some conditioning work between him and Chris Leitch, who is also recovering from a groin injury. Marmol was injured, but he has either made a miraculous recovery or it wasn’t as serious as first reported.

And no, there is still no word on Marmol’s status in MLS and whether the Chicago Fire are ready to make an actual contract offer for the Paraguayan midfielder.

Those of you who want to watch tonight’s match against Charleston are in luck. The match will be aired live at 8:15pm on So yes, it will be your first chance to see the Red Bulls play this year (unless you’ve seen one of their scrimmages in person.

How will you pick between the US-Honduras Olympic qualifier and the Red Bulls game? Assuming you’re at home and can watch the Red Bulls online I would recommend you TIVO the Olympic qualifier.  If you are a computer junkie you could do a split monitor and watch US-Honduras on ESPN360. Don’t have ESPN360? My condolences.

I will be having running commentaries on both the US-Honduras match (my commentary) and Red Bulls-Charleston (your commentary) so check back in tonight if you’re going to be around and following the matches.

What will you be looking to see from the Red Bulls tonight? Want to see Claudio Reyna as a playmaker? Want to see Oscar Echeverry work some magic? Curious to see just how good rookies Luke Sassano and Eric Brunner are?

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