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Saturday Soccer: Your Running Commentary

Good morning all. The European soccer action is well under way and we have already seen a pretty big FA Cup upset, with Portsmouth downing Manchester United.

There is plenty of action left to go so feel free to discuss the action yet to come, as well as the action that has already taken place, in the comments section below.


  1. sublicon:

    Even if what you said about the sum of our knowledge being EJ, Boca, McBride, Keller, and Dempsey was true, that’s almost half the team. Also, I’m sure I played the game a lot more than you ever did. I suspect you are the one who is the “spectator”. Why don’t you try spending a little less time at the pub and spare some of your brain cells so that you can tell the difference between “magic” and Danny Murphy. Let me guess, your Irish and sing Danny Boy at the pub in honor of Danny Murphy who you think is Irish. Murphy is a has been. Get over it.

  2. @Aristotle

    You’re not a Fulham supporter. I don’t take seriously the remarks of people who drink Hatorade and post their crap on the internet. Half of the people who post about the match on this blog don’t know the first thing about this club, the players or what’s happening on the field. The sum total of your knowledge is EJ, Boca, McBride, Keller and Dempsey. It ends there. Run along now, son. Talk to me when you graduate from “spectator.”

  3. As a Gunners supporter, I am definitely hold no love for ManU. That being said, they were most definitely robbed today.

    Otherwise, oh sweet, sweet Barnsley!!!!!

    Teams like that are why we watch sports!

  4. In some good news for Americans, Bradley scored and Heerenveen are back to their winning ways after a 3-0 defeat of NAC Breda.


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