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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning folks. Today should be an entertaining day in the soccer world, with matches throughout the day and night on TV. The marquee EPL games are on Sunday but today offers us the juicy Inter Milan-Juventus clash.

You know the routine. If you are watching matches today please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on today’s action in the comments section below.

Enjoy the soccer.


  1. This Sears kid is the real deal for West Ham, he should have been playing up front with Ashton the entire game, Everton should be down a goal right now…

    Posted by: Chase | March 22, 2008 at 03:09 PM


    Chase, are you a fellow Hammer? Welcome aboard! Sears appears to be the real deal, so feisty! Appears very complimentary to Deano…

  2. What about thos Red Bulls? Getting blown out by an expansion team, 3-0. JCO better find some effen players quickly because this is starting to look like 1999 all over again. I am a season ticker holder & I haven’t been this resigned to a terrible season in almost a decade. Even with Jozy & Freeman back, this team in weak on defense up the left side and in the attacking midfield position. My only hope is that this game is a wake up call. JPA looked like he was in a coma tonight.

  3. I would never curse on Ives but it is official, Fulham are (screwed). You may think i am being pessimistic but they are headed to coca cola. There is a glimmer of hope, however, the only way to attain it though IS TO WIN ON THE ROAD!!!!!!!!

    Either we come together as a team, or we die as individuals.

    Thank you Al Pacino.

  4. inter’s downfall continues!

    4 points back now!

    Roma’s remaining 8 are vs cagliari, genoa, udinese, livorno, torino, samp, atalanta, catania

    Inter plays lazio, atalanta, fiorentina, torino, cagliari, milan, siena, parma

    Roma plays 1 total big name team (half with udine and half with samp) while inter plays 3 (Milan, Viola, one-third lazio, atalanta, and torino)

    8 weeks is a LONG time and roma could grab the lead and lose it quickly… just win and hope for the best

  5. Igor:

    You’re absolutely right. With the exception of his first shot, he took shots that had no chance of ever becoming goals, made some horrible crosses on corner kicks, free kicks, and in the run of play. He also gave the ball away in dangerous situations. He certainly wasn’t the goat, though. This was a bad team performance. However, Bullard would be a much better player if he just played more intelligently.

  6. sublicon:

    I think everyone’s comprehension of mathematics is just fine. The fact that Fulham is five points from safety isn’t really the problem, is it? I think most people’s problem with Fulham is that they are five players away from having a decent team. I think it’s amazing that they are that close with no creativity and no offense. This relegation battle is to see who will go down with Fulham and Derby.

  7. Re: Bullard

    He was the only Fulham player in this game that did ANYthing other than booting the ball up the field or passing it back timidly.

  8. Here are my observations from the Newcastle vs Fulham game. (I know you’re all waiting anxiously for me to speak on this matter!)

    Eddie Johnson- has to go to the bench for the rest of the season. He’s scared to death. He simply cannot bring himself to turn around and face the goal for even a minute. Every single touch he gets is with his back to the goal and he just immediately taps it back to someone. He’s so nervous that the one chance he had to do something useful in the game, a simple back heel pass in the box, he strikes the ball way too hard!

    Roy Hodgson- may be a good manager, but he has blown it with Fulham as far as his transfers are concerned. In addition to EJ his scandanavian crew has contributed very little overall, and to make matters worse, he is stubbornly sticking to the players he bought in an effort to save face. Bocanegra needs to get another chance. He couldn’t be any worse than what Fulham has now, and I believe he could contribute at least one important goal before the end of the season. I’m sure he can stumble around and shank crosses as well as any other Fulham defender. Hodgson desperately needed to get Fulham a creative player and an effective striker. He got neither.

    Jimmy Bullard- is the epitome of overrated. Yes, he has had some HUGE goals on free kicks, and he works very hard, and he’s everywhere. However this doesn’t do you much good when you’re lacking a soccer brain. His judgment is awful! He does not have one goal that was not off of a set piece, yet he is constantly shooting. This wouldn’t be too bad if he would at least stop taking low percentage shots. He can’t cross the ball and he’s losing the ball too much in dangerous positions. His negatives outweigh his positives.

    Worst comment here about this game- Adam actually seemed to be faulting Keller on Newcastle’s first goal! A close range shot perfectly placed in the side netting, with the goalkeeper’s view at least partially blocked. No Adam, the goal was nothing to do with Keller’s lack of “explosiveness” or his age. He was the only good player for Fulham today that I can recall. Hangeland deserves the blame for that goal.

    I think it’s official now. Fulham are going down. Even our resident eternal optimist, Johnny, has admitted it now. Fulham is an ugly scrappy team.

  9. McBride at Everton would be great. Lack of depth at forward and it is his old club. Plus, TIm Howard is on the team and Michael Bradley is likely to join in the summer.

    Vaughan could be out for his career, at least for a very long time, because he injured his knee again. That just leaves Yakubu, Johnson (who is injured), and Anichebe.

  10. I agree, but they do need to beat derby away sunderland at home and then find 5 or 6 more points, and i think that they will be safe. However 5 points is alot when you play as poorly as they did against Newcastle today.

    All you can do is hope and pray!

    Heerenveen scores to make it 2-3!

  11. For those who are either unable to comprehend mathematics, Fulham is only 5 points from safety. It’s attainable, they aren’t going down yet.

  12. yeah, he won’t be there next year anyway so as long as he does well it doesn’t matter if his team wins or not

    I’m hoping for a move to eveton or hamburg

    no relegation fears, good chances for playing time at both, and americans on both teams

  13. I’m not saying you can’t be effective on a small market team, but I would argue that MLS is best served INITIALLY by having marketable name players like Beckham and Blanco in larger markets, as they derive greater media attention and advertising dollars. Its also relavant to note that most big name DPs aren’t going to be interested in moving to a Salt Lake, Columbus, or Denver.

    And look at all the players you mentioned, they have all been underrated and many times ignored by the national media. I’m not saying that is a good thing, but they have been far less marketable and popular nationally then other big names they played with.

  14. “Why must he play for DCU or NYRB? Its not like he is an international superstar or anything, he should go where he is comfortable and that would appear to be in Columbus.”

    Even if he were, why does that mean he has to play at DC or NY or LA? Maybe he wants to go back to Chicago, near where he grew up. Maybe his wife always wanted to live in Dallas. Who knows.

    But I just don’t like the assumption that a star “has” to go to a big city. Tim Duncan’s done just fine in San Antonio; Stockton and Malone made the Hall of Fame in Utah. Any baseball fans think Robin Yount wasn’t a star because he played in Milwaukee? Why does a US international have to go play at one of the ‘big’ clubs? Oh, and the last time one of them won the title…?

  15. This Sears kid is the real deal for West Ham, he should have been playing up front with Ashton the entire game, Everton should be down a goal right now…

  16. DCU might win in a one-off game, but Fulham is a stronger, deeper, and more talented team, and in the grind of the Prem would finish with fewer points than Fulham will.

  17. Seen most of 3 different games today, and parts of two others. Can’t think of any call the refs just screwed up. Pretty rare these days to go that many games and not have any real complaints about the officials…

  18. And Spector was just subbed into the game, crazy that he was even in the line-up after playing 90 minutes on Thursday night against Canada, granted he didn’t have to do much, but still shows the regard Curbs has for him, as a defensive sub…

  19. I’m a DCU supporter and I am not deluded enough to think they are better than Fulham, Derby yeah, but not Fulham.

    I would bet that McBride goes back to the Crew (along with Freidel) at some point, though not sure when that might be. Why must he play for DCU or NYRB? Its not like he is an international superstar or anything, he should go where he is comfortable and that would appear to be in Columbus.

    And come on HAMMERS! I want to see Everscum drop some more points!

  20. CD must have been watching a different Fulham game that I watched. Eddie Johnson never ran for anything. I’d be shocked if he even broke a sweat. His workrate was nil. He didn’t contest any header and he didn’t make any runs. He was a complete zero for the game – he might as well not even have been on the pitch.

  21. I was just screwing around when I posted that comment. But to answer your query, because McBride still has a lot of career left in him. That is why he should not go back to the Crew. If he was coming back to do a one year and then retire, maybe. But otherwise, lets see him on a team like D.C. which is better than Fulham…

  22. It pains me to finally say it but stick a fork in the Fulham Boys. Hopefully some of them can get transfers to other prem teams after ship goes down.

  23. “If he comes back, it should be to a higher profile team. Columbus ain’t it…D.C still has a DP slot don’t they? Its nice to dream…”

    Why? Why “should” he go to a high-profile team? Why shouldn’t he go to a team where he really made his reputation, and where he’s had not once, but twice, been honored with “Brian McBride” day?

    More importantly, why “should” he go to a high-profile team? What’s wrong with playing in a smaller market? What’s wrong with playing someone people love you and want to see you play? And what’s wrong with coming back to where you really broke out?


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