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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Happy Easter and Good morning everybody. Today is a holiday but also a big day for quality soccer action. The Big Four in England face off in a pair of quality match-ups that headline today’s matches.

If you are watching soccer on TV today then please share your thoughts, opinions and even your play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. I wasn’t questioning Keller’s talent. He just wants too much money. Plus, I want MLS to get away from really old players. It helps cement the league’s status as a retirement league.

  2. I missed the pregame with the lineups (watching Davidson upset G-Town) so I don’t *know* – but I’d be very surprised if Adu/Altidore/McCarty are still there.

  3. I just turned on the US-U23 game. Did Freddy Adu go back to Portugal or is he on the bench?

    Honduras has looked strong all tournament. I hope MLS scouts are paying close attention.

  4. Findley is trying to get someone’s attention in the stands on the other side of the field by kicking the ball to them. I wish he would stop and get into the game.

  5. USA vs. Honduras.

    If Tiffany May didn’t make the trip to Nashville to streak at this match again then I will be disappointed.

  6. Ceez, I was watching the English version of GolTV on DirecTV and it was definitely Ray Hudson, who spent a big part of the time I was watching gushing about Robinho.


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