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US-England friendly officially announced


The U.S. national team’s long-rumored friendly against the English national team is now a reality.

The United States will travel to London to play England at Wembley Stadium on May 28. The match, set for a 3pm kickoff, will air on ESPN Classic and Univision.

Will you be making the trip to London for this classic match-up? Good luck with that exchange rate.

Now that it is official, what do you think about the USA facing England? Share your thoughts below.


  1. oh god.. you americans think your team’s strong well boo hoo… its not.. your team is weak as “your hero” McBride in a nearly relegated fulham team hahahahahahaahahahaha

  2. P.S. Can one of you pansies please email me?

    You say all this stupid crap anonymously. Or you fake logging in by including minimal information and no email address. You cowards. At least when I say something stupid people can contact me.

    Bunch of (pansies). I wish this blog was like most and required confirmed registration. I know I am not some kind of genius, but at least I’m not a coward. My stupidity is documented, as are my rare moments of intelligence. Cowards.

  3. Adam, I’m sorry…England just failed to qualify for Euro 2008. Can you please explain to me how there 498409 talismans failed to manage that? Idiot?

  4. GD, great comment. However both teams sent C teams. England C team 2, USA C-team 1. And the worst part is, England had more “good” players in that match than we did.

  5. P.S. Papa Bear, how many national team games have you been to? Crap, how many combined MLS/nats games have you been to?

    Is it more or less than 400? Just curious.

  6. Papa bear…great job of reading my words. I did not once mention quality. And I was very clear to point out USA vs. England in ANYTHING is big.

    I pointed out the previous matchup solely to illustrate that point. If you agree USA vs. England is big time you can’t possibly think the previous result is meaningless. I could not possibly be more simple and clear my friend.

    And let’s face it, the FIFA rankings are BS, always have been. But you are mentioning “quality” which I never mentioned, not once. I cited history, which you did as well. If you want to steal my posts that’s just fine with me. Please list me as your source the next time you write about my ideas though.

    When it’s USA vs. England it’s not about whether or not England is awesome or terrible. If you knew anything about the sport or either country you’d know that. It’s about USA VS. ENGLAND, period.

    Stop putting words in my mouth, it’s a huge matchup no matter what, and I never even brought up quality other than wondering what some idiotic douchebag was looking for INSTEAD of England, because of the rivalry, which you also recognized.

    So please don’t crap on me, I beg you. I always admit when I’m wrong and/or a moron. But in this case if you really don’t understand the dynamics of this match, you simply know nothing about soccer/England/America. And though I’m always too sarcastic for my own good, the previous sentence was sincere. If you don’t get it, you’re not a fan and you never will be.

  7. A lot of you guys are talking about a possible upset, and I would just like to know how this going to happen; more specifically what tactics the US are going to use to gain possession from England’s stacked and (in European and club play) for midfielders, stop and defend Rooney or Crouch, and score against a defense with a grand deal of talent and most likely a vicious and efficient (Italian) style of play. Who is going to provide service? Who is going to be the expert finisher?

    I think that US fans severely overrate a team without a talisman, without a true creative force, without a technical finisher.

  8. Just got back on Monday night from four days there to see Fulham Everton and Swindontown Carlisle.. WIll be going back for this as well.

  9. I have no problems with Americans they make a very good distraction from my personal life. Thank you George Bush & Mrs. Clinton.

    P.S. Hillary, tell Bill to hit me up I’m planning a weekend @ Hedonism II, he’s got to come!

  10. I hope the americans start singing ‘my country ’tis of thee’ as soon as england is done singing ‘god save the queen’. That ought to ruffle a few feathers.

  11. Gracis, Nutmegger. Just gave those bastids my 2 cents. I’m even more excited about who they are going to choose to announce. Maybe ESPN can sign Bretos and Miles.

  12. i can’t believe they could only get classic! USA soccer should have a priority on espn over whatever crappy MLB game is on at that time.


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