Vote for Jozy

Vote for Jozy

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Vote for Jozy



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If you read SBI on a regular basis there is a good chance you think Jozy Altidore is a superstar worthy of the same respect of young stars in other sports. If this is the case, you have your chance to let the world (okay, a good section of the United States) know that Altidore is big time.

The maestros at The Big Lead have created a Culture Tournament, where athletes, celebrities and popular media topics are matched up against each other in an NCAA-like tournament. The winners are determined by voting from readers.

Altidore is soccer’s lone representative in the tournament (Cristiano Ronaldo’s domination of the sport hasn’t really made headlines here in the states) and the teenage striker has entered the tournament as a 15 seed.

Sounds unfair, doesn’t it? Not really. The folks at The Big Lead have laid out a reasonable path for Altidore, with No. 2 seed Dwight Howard as his first-round opponent. Now Howard is an amazing basketball player but is he really that big-time? I think an upset is possible.

If you want to see Altidore pull the upset, feel free to vote here (Actually, voting for the Altidore-Howard portion of the bracket isn’t open yet, I will re-post this when that happens. Until then, spread the word that this vote is coming down so soccer can keep its lone representative in the tournament).

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