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If you read SBI on a regular basis there is a good chance you think Jozy Altidore is a superstar worthy of the same respect of young stars in other sports. If this is the case, you have your chance to let the world (okay, a good section of the United States) know that Altidore is big time.

The maestros at The Big Lead have created a Culture Tournament, where athletes, celebrities and popular media topics are matched up against each other in an NCAA-like tournament. The winners are determined by voting from readers.

Altidore is soccer’s lone representative in the tournament (Cristiano Ronaldo’s domination of the sport hasn’t really made headlines here in the states) and the teenage striker has entered the tournament as a 15 seed.

Sounds unfair, doesn’t it? Not really. The folks at The Big Lead have laid out a reasonable path for Altidore, with No. 2 seed Dwight Howard as his first-round opponent. Now Howard is an amazing basketball player but is he really that big-time? I think an upset is possible.

If you want to see Altidore pull the upset, feel free to vote here (Actually, voting for the Altidore-Howard portion of the bracket isn’t open yet, I will re-post this when that happens. Until then, spread the word that this vote is coming down so soccer can keep its lone representative in the tournament).


  1. As much as I love soccer, and think Jozy has the ability to be the best USA player ever to wear its kit, I think Whitescandal gave the PERFECT analogy for why Dwight Howard is the better player relative to his sport at this time.

  2. @Mastershakeyargument

    Obviously I’m comparing soccer to basketball, as we’re being asked to vote between a soccer player and a basketball player.

    And I’m still waiting for a valid reason why a player with potential is better than an accomplished player. And I’m sure I’ll be waiting for awhile.

  3. Can we amend the Jozy campaign to add a vote against Dan Cook? I am a huge Jozy fan, but more important to me than seeing Jozy advance is seeing Dane Cook get slapped down like he deserves. What a jerkoff that guy is.

  4. Whitescandal, I am sorry..but are you really comparing soccer to basketball?

    basketball to the rest of the world is like soccer to USA…relatively speaking.

  5. Howard: One of the best ten players in his league, which is the best league of its sport in the world.

    Altidore: ARGUABLY one of the best ten players in his league, which is maybe the tenth best league of its sport in the world.

    Altidore’s my boy and all, but as of now…what has he really done? Score a couple goals for the Red Bulls and ONE for the National team. Come on.

    Do this again in three years and hopefully it’s a different story.

  6. Sorry Gabe, but Altidore may very well put USA Soccer on the map across the world. He has the potential to become a world class striker and player, bringing respect to USA from around the world. Altidore’s name will ring out around the world.

    I don’t think Dwight Howard can compare in anyway.

  7. whichever one of Altidore/Howard of them goes through should mop the floor with Dane Cook or Bill Simmons. the only reason anyone would vote for either of those guys in anything is to vote AGAINST the other one.

  8. As much as I like Jozy, and Soccer is my favorite sport, you are underestimating Dwight Howard here Ives. I follow basketball really closely, and Howard is one of the best young players in the league. He is like Jozy, except a couple years older, and already proven on the highest level (NBA and Internationally). If i had to make a soccer comparison, i would say Fernando Torres. Already one of the best players in a top league, playing for a good but not best team, still very young but still with potential to get better. Plus Howard just won the slam dunk competition gaining even more notoriety. So while I may vote for Jozy out of loyalty, he probably shouldn’t, and definitely won’t, win.

  9. Overall, I think “God” will defeat “Hot Chicks” in the championship game. Not sure if Las Vegas thinks that’s an upset or not.


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