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West Ham United to be MLS All-Star Game Opponent


A year after the MLS All-Star Game featured Scottish champions Celtic comes word that the next opponent for the MLS All Stars will be the fourth straight opponent from the British Isles.

According to multiple sources, MLS is closing in on a deal to have West Ham United play in the 2008 MLS All-Star Game. The match is scheduled for Thursday, July 24 at BMO Field in Toronto.

If they are the opponent, the Hammers will follow in the footsteps of Fulham, Chelsea, Celtic and Chivas de Guadalajara as MLS All-Star game participants. The MLS All-Stars are 4-0 in matches against foreign competition.

What do you think of West Ham being the opponent? Disappointing? Pumped because you’re a Hammers fan (And I know there are a bunch of you in the SBI Mafia)? Ready to go rent Green Street Hooligans to get yourself ready? Share your thoughts below.


  1. West Ham supporters, please curb your offensive comments toward the American fan a quick second. I’m happy to play the Hammers, and I’m a DC United fan (have to have one team that’s a least fully my own). That said, the MLS is mostly crap so I spend most of my time waiting for the Premiership to run again, and Arsenal to finnaly keep one damn player durring the transfer season.

    That said: c’mon– Hamers are not Real Madrid, they are a proud club, but American fans aren’t going to know crap about you in this big-money superclub world. So please give em’ a break. And by “’em” I meant the ignorant one’s.

    Talk to me any time you like, I’ll give you a real conversation, and at 23-years-of-age non-the-less. Our problem is the forty somethings who never learned to do a proper step-over thinking they know anything because they played 20 years ago when the US was even crappier than we are now. Maybe one damaged knee ago, you might have seen me on your squad, kicking some Tottenham ass at Upton Park.

    Oh well. Now I’m studying to be a journalist so I can help educate the people here about the game, because there is no other–except downing scotch, beers and the ocasional vodka.

    In the mean time though, give the knuckleheads over here a break. And for the record, I still think Ljunberg is the man.

  2. Wow,

    Right now the list that could be the squad for the all star game is like this.

    Landon Donovan, Luciano Emilio, Cuautemoc Blanco, David Beckham, Marcelo Gallardo, Guillermo Barros Schellotto, Christian Gomez, Dwayne Derosario, Jimmy Conrad,Marvell Wynne, greg Sutton and some others that I can’t remember right now,

    but they are players that could give West Ham a run for their money.

  3. i make the septics right on this one ,this is a terrible choice.

    just hope our day out down southend isn’t cancelled for this waste of time and effort.

    MLS = Blue square premier / league 2 at best.

    “soccer” “EPL” ,leave em to it with their clapsticks and popcorn , we’ll be seeing marriage proposals on the screens at half time next.

    jesus, wtf do these guys know about history anyway, the boozer i drink in is older than america.

  4. That was one of the funniest 10 minutes of my life. The majority of posters on here are so clueless is comical. West Ham, a disappointment? Hilarious. Just goes to show how delusional and uneducated(football-wise) you lads are. Pathetic.

  5. yanks and football doesn’t really work now does it

    stick to what you’re good at , basketball ,stuffing huge burgers down ya necks and friendly fire


  6. Gilly73,

    I’m having to do alot of “googling” trying to work out who these yanks are…… I know Donovan as I believe he tried playing in the real leagues over this way….

    i’m 100% sure Curbs will be doing his summer shopping in proper big boys leagues, but no doubt Fulham will be looking for some more yanks..

  7. Milesy,

    My bad. At least I’m a somewhat enlightened American. I’m a West Ham supporter, well as much as you can be one from across the Atlantic…

  8. I wasn’t arguing about where the bloody word comes from, just who uses it.

    As far as I’m concerned – most of the people over there don’t deserve West Ham. Perhaps a ‘good’ side like Fulham could play again, they seemed to enjoy that.

  9. Milesy,

    I’m an American (and a West Ham fan), and I have to say the “soccer” argument is so old. That is a BRITISH term. And Australia uses it too, bash them for it if you want to bash Americans for it.

    All your other points are reasonable in my opinion.

  10. The posts on this page are truly indicative of a nation that calls our national game ‘soccer’ and their tat football. I’m guessing that the majority here only know half the ‘best’ teams because they play FIFA on their X-boxes.

    Some of the comments are actually reasonably intelligent, but most just highlight how ignorant of our game you really are.

    I wager 90% of you wouldn’t know Torres if he walked up and punched you.

    As a West Ham supporter, I personally would rather see them play Brentford (look it up), than waste their time showing a bunch of ignoramus’ what football really is, and on a flipping plastic pitch! Sums up your idea of football really!

  11. Gilly73, I’m an American. I’m a West Ham fan that follows the Red Bulls closely (and MLS) because I can’t get enough soccer and hope it does well here.

    Your list is comical:

    MLS All-Stars that could make West Ham’s 1st team are:

    Jonathan Bornstein

    Ricardo Clark

    Shalrie Joseph

    Dwayne De Rosario

    Brian Ching

    Landon Donovan

    Michael Parkhurst

    Juan Toja

    DeRo maybe. Maybe. Thats it. Do you have any clue who Mark Noble is? He CRAPS on Rico & Shalrie. Parkhurst/Donovan are too small and would get beaten up in the premiereship. Brian Ching? Um, yeah. I realize now how I’ve completely wasted my time.


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