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Altidore injures knee, status for Saturday in doubt


                                                               Photo by ISI Photos

The New York Red Bulls’ bad luck with injuries this pre-season got worse on Thursday. Jozy Altidore suffered a knee injury during training on Thursday, making his availability for Saturday’s season opener against the Columbus Crew questionable.

There are no details yet on the extent of the injury, but one source called Altidore’s chances of starting on Saturday unlikely. I am trying to get a statement from the team and will pass along any further information as it becomes available.


  1. Mikemike- you’ve missed my whole point to begin with….. i said id rather have JPA injured then Jozy…. as a US fan i dont want to see prospects and key players injured… therefore if a RBNJ forward were to get injured, id rather it be JPA then Jozy…

    you redbull fans are so quick to the assumptions… i have only laughed at 2 injuries to date:

    1) tightshirt- my downright dislike for this guy (on the pitch) is all the reason you need

    2) Ruiz- all the floppying and fake injuries to draw cards have finally caught up to him

    my point about humor was about the Jozy going to europe so that he can play for a quality team that has a chance at hardware…

  2. Mastershake,

    Lets compare Fire 1 MLS cup, 4 US open cups and 1 support shield. MetroBull 0, 0, 0. I’d take my “crapy” team over yours any day of the week!!

  3. As a Crew fan I’m truly sorry to hear this news.

    Let me try that again.

    As a Crew fan I’m truly sorry to hear this.

    Nope, just can’t make it sincere enough.

    Of course he’ll play and do well.

  4. Gentlemen, With all due respect, anyone from NY/NJ knows that:

    1) We are obligated to criticize our own teams to whatever extent we feel necessary (and then some more for good measure)

    2) No one else is allowed to make a comment that suggests the slightest ill repute of our teams

    3) We are further obligated to bash any other teams even if they are destroying us

    Yeah, it’s just like that. Calling us hypocrites is like calling a mound of p**p stupid…there’s just no point.

  5. Jozy’s chatting on right now. First question was about the knee. He says its “day to day” and that the knee is “fine.”

  6. Brett,

    I think I have a sense of humor. Pretty sure I do. Maybe comedy is different in the mid west though.

    You wrote that you would like to have Angel injured instead of Jozy. That is a messed up thing to say.

    I really don’t like Blanco. He just dives and moans all day, but I don’t want to see him injured. First, because I don’t wish injury on anyone. Second, because I want to see NY destroy Chicago with a full strength team.

    Your desire for Angel to be injured (or any player for that matter) is dumb because it shows a moral immaturity, and a insecurity in your team’s ability to compete with full strength teams, in a full strength league.

    By the way, Altidore plays tomorrow and gets a goal and an assist….what’s that they say again?…oh yeah, book it.


  7. Fire fans will gloat and point to the bad karma of Osorio, conveniently forgetting that this sort of misfortune is the story of this team’s existence.

  8. Matt- we are far from trolls matt… noone has laughed at this situation, in fact me and steve both said we hope he has a speedy recovery….

    as if you redbull fans dont stray from the topic… i cant recall how many of the Fire threads Ives started where talks of Marmol keep getting brought up….

    in fact our points of JCO are quite on topic… just not about Jozy..

  9. So this injury happened the same day that you mentioned in your Q/A that a big difference between Arena’s preseason and Ossario’s is that this time around we’re not getting injuries durring practice (Richards was injured in the scrimage against RBS and Freedman was injured in Olympic qualifying). I lay the blame for Jozy’s injury on you Ives.

  10. I am reminded of lyrics from The Ethiopians (ska/reggae group):

    “Things they go from bad to worse every day

    You think you had it hard last year

    Well better tighten up your belt….”

    Get well soon Jozy!! RBNY sure as hell gonna need you!!!!

  11. I see the meathead Chicago trolls are out in force. I hope Justin Mapp doesn’t break Blanco’s ankle the next time he dives for a penalty. No, wouldn’t want that to happen.

  12. Mikemike- can you not take a lil’ bit of humor?? i mean all the redbull fans are first to insult their club before anyone else gets a chance

    i even said i hope jozy has a standout year… hopefully he scores 20+ goals (in all competitions), but it wont matter, your curse will prevent him from winning any hardware

  13. Every body calm down. I’m sure Osorio and the Red Bulls will do what they do best…Try and steal a player from the FIRE as usual.

    I hope Jozy recovers I never wish an injury on any one. He’s one of the most promising young guns the U.S. has and he does make MLS better. I hoep it’s not serious and he’s able to make the next US friendly.

    And just like Martha, I’m enjoying watching Karma give Judas Osorio a kick in the rear.

  14. THe days of being 18 and injured, I remember those days fondly.

    The kid is in much better shape then the regular 18yr old, if this is a minor injury, then at that age he’ll be fine. (I hope anyway)

  15. Simmer people, there’s no idication its major. The kid is always nicked up so this shouldn’t be that shocking.

    Besides, you’ve got Columbus this weekend.

  16. In case you didn’t get a chance to see him on MLS Primetime last night, you will get more Jozy coverage today at 1:30 PM, when he will participate in a live chat on

  17. The Gods finally smile on Columbus.

    Get well soon after Saturday, Jozy. You’re the last player that this this league needs missing time due to injury.

  18. I agree with Ferri – Altidore seemed comfortable during the interview – did the injury occur before or after?

  19. So are you still glad ypu got JCO and his bad karma?

    Altidore and Richards hurt, yea JCO is one great strenght and conditioning expert.

  20. well even as a fire fan im upset by this… b/c while im a fire fan im also a US fan… i hate seeing promising talent like Jozy get injured…. while it definately hurts NY and JCO, i would have rather seen JPA get the injury…. This upsets me and i blame your crap facility for wearing and tearing…

    as a yank, im hoping its very minor… jozy can have a stand out year and then go to europe where he’ll play on quality surfaces and a quality team that stands a chance at winning hardware 😀

  21. Not good but it is the position NY is currently the deepest in so, i’m not too worried. I hope he gets better quickly so we can watch him on his send off tour.

  22. Now that I’ve been ejected from the library for making a racket and have had time to gather my thoughts, 2 points come up:

    1) Last night Jozy was interviewed on espn2 before the Chicago/NE match and he didn’t seem devastated or upset. Perhaps its not too bad or he’s at least not showing it. Was the interview taped sometime before the injury?

    2) If it is serious, who gets his spot on Saturday..Echeverry has a chance to impress or do we go with Woly or even maybe Magee?

  23. Dammit, Jozy is the player in our league I least want injured.

    Hope his recovery goes well and that holding him out of Saturday’s match is just the medical staff being extra-cautious.

  24. That’s about right, a day after I can change my fantasy roster the guy I have captained for the week goes down… theres double zero for me! Shoulda captained goldenballs…


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