Chelsea at Liverpool: Who wins?

Chelsea at Liverpool: Who wins?

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Chelsea at Liverpool: Who wins?



Chelsea will be traveling to Liverpool tomorrow for the first leg of their UEFA Champions League semifinal series and trying to pick a winner in this serious is a difficult proposition.

Do you go with Liverpool, which has enjoyed so much Champions League success through the years? Or do you go with Chelsea, who have come on strong late in the year to challenge for both an EPL title as well as Champions League gold.

I’m picking Liverpool, not only for the experience Rafa Benitez’s team brings to the table, but also because of the impressive path the Reds took to get here, beating Inter Milan AND Arsenal in the process. I don’t think Chelsea has been as impressive and I think Liverpool’s defense is better. My prediction is Liverpool by an aggregate score of 3-1.

Who do you see winning this Champions League semifinal series? Share your predictions below.

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