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Chris Innes to train with the Red Bulls

Scottish defender Chris Innes will train with the Red Bulls starting Tuesday. The former Gretna captain helped his former club climb from the Scottish Third Division to the Scottish Premier League, where the club played from 2005 to this season.

The 31-year-old central defender could be signed by the Red Bulls before the April 15 close of the current MLS transfer window. The former Kilmarnock and Dundee United player nicknamed ‘Bravo’ scored 12 goals in 116 appearances for financially troubled Gretna, which is headed for demotion and bankruptcy.

What do you think about the possibility of Innes joining the Red Bulls? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Having watched Gretna on plenty of occasions this season, I can say for a fact that Chris Innes would be a starter in the MLS. The problem is he isnt sure if he wants to move his family to the US.

    As for the comments on the SPL and the Old Firm, please!

    Its impossible for the other teams to compete with such massive clubs and Rangers and Celtic over a sustained period. Many teams have had good run of success such as Aberdeen and Dundee Utd but then they just fall back due to finances of the Old firm.

    As for Hearts, they can’t compete for the top 6, let alone the SPl.

  2. mikeK- “Any league with Celtic in it can’t be crap. The team, however… can be crap. Is crap. Or maybe, was crap? Anyway, depth on the backline is a good thing”

    the league is a two horse race between rangers and Celtic…. outside of them, in the 90+ years the league’s been in existance, i think only a few other teams have won the league (and between those few its less then 10 times)… Celtic with 40+ and Rangers with 50+… so to say “any league with celtic cant be crap” is rediculous to say..

    im not basing a judgement on the league’s play, simply saying outside of Rangers and Celtic, the teams have failed…

  3. All I can say is that you can never have to much depth in deffense. This guy was Gretnas only plus to the season. Picking him up is a good idea and could help out even if it is the littles bit. Yes he is no Fabio Cannavaro or John Terry, but he is good enough to improve our deffense.

  4. Dorman was a decent MLS player. But come on, he went to St. Mirren who are second from bottom in the SPL. Of course he’s going to shine being a terrible team like that coming from a good club in MLS.

  5. I think the ‘bashing’ of the Scottish Premier League is reasonably fair relative to MLS.

    Andy Dorman was a serviceabel palyer in MLS who couldn’t geton the field for the better part of last season. Yet, transferred to St. Mirren, 26 points ahead of Gretna, and had an instant impact and automatic starting pot in the line-up.

    I think its fair to say that Gretna (really a scottish 2nd division team) would finish bottom of the MLS.

  6. Any league with Celtic in it can’t be crap. The team, however… can be crap. Is crap. Or maybe, was crap? Anyway, depth on the backline is a good thing.

  7. Can we assume that the two players that will be on trial are Chris Innes and Joao Pinto? Nothing ever came out about him and suddenly there is a second mystery player with VISA problems that is to trial with RBNY? The Portuguese paper was write a short while ago when they reported he was getting out of his contract with Braga and was to join Toronto FC. They were the first to report it then and are the only ones writing about it now. This may get interesting very quickly.

  8. Is it true that if we were to sign him that it would have to be before the end of the transfer window? My understanding is that the transfer window only applies to players that are under contract with another team, and that he’s currently not under any contract. If he’s already with RBNY and training then I suppose the week will be enough time to get enough of a look to feel whether or not he’ll help the team, but we may need a bit longer to do all the legalities or signing (Visa issues and such).

  9. The Scottish league stinks…the best MLS team would easily be the third best team in Scotland perennially. In fact, remove the Old Firm from the equation and there would probably be 3 or 4 MLS teams who could finish top of the table. Hearts would be a good MLS team, and they’re the only team who have even come close to competing with Celtic and Rangers in the past, what 50 years? 100?

    I’ll get excited when and if he plays well, period.

    And sorry Dave, I don’t say that to be mean but just because having watched it I truly believe it. In an ironic twist I think that most fans underrate Celtic and Rangers, just not the rest of the SPL.

  10. This is the guy I wanted – not cuz I know em – but cuz of the positive feedback Ive received from overseas of his play –

    “The lone bright spot in the Gretna Roster”

    from what I understand, if Innes wasnt in the lineup, Gretna wasnt moving up. period.

    And dont give me Scottish league stinks – We are MLS for crying out loud and shouldnt cast dispersions on other leagues who can be viewed as potentially “weak”

  11. I don’t know this player but hopefully he would work out; with Parke out against FC Dallas, would be great to have him as an option on Saturday although it would be good to give Mendes a shot in central defense. Go Mendes go!!!

  12. Ives it was reported over the weekend that Innes and another player who was having visa issues at the moment would be joining the team for a trial.

    Another report followed saying Osorio had moved onto “plan b” which is throwing all of the cap space at one critical player in a critical position.

    Have you heard who Innes trial partner will be, and if it is that “plan b” player?


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