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Earthquakes chasing Peguero


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The San Jose Earthquakes are trying to secure the services of Brondby forward and former Colorado and Red Bulls forward Jean Philippe Peguero.

A source close to Peguero said talks are under way between San Jose and Peguero, but that no deal had been completed as of Tuesday afternoon. With the transfer deadline set for tonight, it remains unclear whether Peguero will be signed during this transfer window or if Brondby is prepared to release him from his contract. If Peguero has already been released from his contract then San Jose can sign Peguero even after the transfer window passes.

Peguero has missed extended time recovering from surgery to repair multiple ligament tears in his right knee. The injury came just two months after he left the MetroStars for Brondby in the summer of 2006. He has not played competitive soccer since August of 2006, but when healthy, Peguero was a fast and strong forward capable of scoring some impressive goals.

Peguero scored 20 goals and added 13 assists in 58 games over the course of two seasons with Colorado and New York.

The 26-year-old striker could give San Jose the scoring threat it has sorely lacked, assuming he is able to regain the explosiveness that made him dangerous striker during his first stint in MLS. According to sources, Peguero’s recovery is complete and he has been playing reserve matches with Brondby.


  1. I’m down with JPP.

    I understand people’s concern that he may have a problem where he may not have recovered from a serious injury, but assuming he is what he was before his injury, some people may need to refresh their memory of him.

    He is not a guy who was still proving himself in MLS or a guy who had one brief streak that would likely not continue, as some have suggested here. From the time he came to MLS to the time he was injured with Brondby he was a pretty consistent scorer.

    In 50 games (not all starts) in MLS he scored 20 goals and had 12 assists. This does not count the two goals he scored against Bayern Munich. In his very brief time with Brondby before he got seriously injured he continued scoring. He scored in his debut for them and also in the game in which he was injured. What 15-20 strikers in MLS are better than him Aljarov?

    To put this in perspective JPP scored a goal on average every 2.5 games he played in MLS. Eddie Johnson scored a goal on average every 3.1 games in MLS. JPP had 12 assists in 50 games. EJ had 13 assists in 127 games in MLS.

  2. Tony in Quakeland and Kevin:

    You said: “Will Glinton always be as weak in front of the goal as he was Saturday? I have no idea.” and “Two games without a goal is no big deal.”

    Uh…Glinton has been around for what seems like forever. This would be Glinton’s eighth season if not for the two year retirement. How long do you need to make a decision? Kei Kamara is just one of those players who from the moment you see them you feel like they are out of their depth. I think he’s a very long shot. As for Ching being a late bloomer, I think he may have already “unbloomed.” I’m beginning to wonder if he was ever for real. He seems to have gone into decline just as quickly as he came from nowhere. I hope he can get back to his old form.

  3. I know I am going against the grain but I believe in Kamara and Glinton. Two games without a goal is no big deal.

    They show 10X more hustle, character, and determination than the Edson Buddles and Eddie Johnsons. If it wasn’t for the post and ‘keeper heroics, they would have had 1 or 2 goals each last Saturday.

    That said, Jean-Phillipe Peguero would definitely be an excellent addition to the stable.

  4. aristotle:

    I always liked Buddle, even though he is very frustrating. I would actually take him on the Quakes right about now.

    As for Kamara and Glinton, I have not seen enough to make up my mind. Glinton did not impress me last year, but I was at Saturday’s game and he consistently found good positions and got chances. Kamara also helped set up chances. Now are they chronically poor finishers? Will Glinton always be as weak in front of the goal as he was Saturday? I have no idea. There are more than enough late bloomers (like Brian Ching) to justify hope. But it would buck the odds.

    As for Gordon…I really don’t enjoy trashing a player, but man he is awful…

  5. “In 1997, Kluivert was charged with manslaughter following his involvement in a fatal car accident, to which he received community service and a driving ban. He was also charged with rape on a separate occasion, but he was to be later acquitted due to insufficient evidence.”

  6. PS…I think a Zinha/Pegero combination would be a different proposition entirely. Zinha would be an ideal foil for the big target man ina classic little ‘n large combo up top.

  7. Aristotle

    I agree he would be an upgrade over Kamara (who definitely still has potential), Glinton and Cunliffe who are really all unproven. He’s been out for ages…just doesn’t seem like the right choice to me. I think anyone coudl see heading into the season that SJ looked solid everywhere but up top. When you’ve got a rookie, converted midfielder starting at striker it’s usually indicative of a serious lack of depth.

    I don’t think he’s a difference maker, there’s probably 15-20 strikers in MLS better than him. I think he would make a good second striker. As long as he was cheap enough (free to sign, wages $150k or below) then I’d say go for it…but I certainly wouldn’t be stopping there. Even with Peguero, SJ would still have the weakest striking corp in MLS…(Columbus give them a run).

    I still think, if I was Yallop, I’d be going all out to sign Cunningham. He’s proven he can score for crap teams, and he’s certainly not settled in Toronto. Having already given up SJ’s 1st in 2009 to Toronto (for Ronnie O’Brien), and even traded away Pozniak, I’m not sure what he’d have to offer that would be worth the league’s 4th all-time scorer.

  8. Tony in Quakeland:

    I understand the point you are trying to make, and Alan Gordon is REALLY bad, but Edson Buddle, as bad as he is, has 53 career goals so far. I don’t believe Kamara and Glinton could achieve that total combined if they played the rest of their careers together starting regularly!

  9. I thought Klivert was banned in the USA with a certain underaged problem. I mean he can play home games in Toronto, but he can’t play road matches in the States.

  10. aristole:

    The worst pair of strikers in league history is Alan Gordon and anyone Alan GOrdon is paired with. Hell, pair him with Thierry Henry and Gordon is bad enough to drag their rating down….

  11. This is a pretty big crapshoot.

    Was decent in his time in MLS, kinda still proving himself when he was sold.

    Now hasn’t played competitive soccer in almost two years…..

    Who knows what he will be like.

    Hopefully for SJE’s sake he comes in healthy and feeling like he has something to prove.

  12. I never rated Peguero much. I thought it was sale of the century when MLS managed to get $700k for him on the back of one scoring streak that he would never have continued.

    I don’t think he’s the guy to score goals for SJ. Not even close. Personally, I think they should go in for Jeff CUnningham, who is clearly on the block in TO.

  13. This is funny. San Jose actually had to start the season before they realized that they did not have a striker and were unlikely to score a goal this season unless they got one. Kei Kamara and Gavin Glinton have got to be the worst pair of strikers in the league’s history. Is there even another MLS team that would want either of them as a bench player?

  14. IVES!

    As the most respected journalist in MLS (from a TFC fan’s persepective) can you PLEASE try and tell us if anything is going to happen with PATRICK KLUIVERT? There have been constant rumblings of him moving to MLS for the past year or so, and in the last few days rumblings of him specifically coming to Toronto. Please, for the love of god, try and dig something up!

    -a loyal reader

  15. New York got an allocation for the sale of Peguero, so no MLS team owns his rights (unless Chicago has filed a discovery claim).

  16. So while JCO goofs around and complains how many people he can’t sign because of MLS limitations, San Jose gets to acquire a real quality striker. But no worries, we got a guy named Oscar who has 30 goals in 12 professional years in soccer, as a striker no less. Great stuff Osorio!

  17. So while JCO goofs around and complains how many guys he can’t sign because of the limitations, San Jose is able to secure a quality striker like Pequero?!! Oh well, I hope to see him in the league because he is a quality player. We get to settle for a guy named Oscar who has 30 goals in 12 years of professional soccer, as a striker no less!


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