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Earthquakes land Peguero


The San Jose Earthquakes quest to acquire Haitian forward Jean-Philippe Peguero has succeeded, a source with knowledge of the deal told SBI on Wednesday. Another source within MLS told SBI that the deal is "almost done’ and could be announced later today. (A source close to Peguero has just informed me that the deal will not be announced today).

Scoreless in their first two matches of the season, the Earthquakes are desperate to add some attacking punch and Peguero could be the player to do that assuming he has fully recovered from surgery to repair multiple ligament tears in his right knee. Injuries he suffered in August of 2006, injuries that have kept him out of competitive soccer since.

There is no word yet on whether Brondby released Peguero from his contract or if San Jose paid a transfer fee and completed the deal before Tuesday’s transfer deadline.


  1. Having seen Peguero play for the Rapids, I am convinced he is talented and should add a spark to SJ. I hope his injury doesn’t affect him. Either way, glad to know i’ll be able to watch regularly.

    i suggest two comment sections one for the “garbage” posters and another for the “elitist” posters. I would like to participate in both as, in my mind, they are one in the same 🙂

  2. My apologies for misspelling your name Joamiq.

    But I find myself doing the same thing, reading a bunch of drivel and not wanting to comment after that.

  3. Dom, I know what you mean. There are days I want to comment on a post, and then I look at the comments that are already there and lose all desire to get in on the discussion. Obviously I’m extremely happy for Ives, but there are times I yearn for the good ol’ days. Idiots will always eventually rear their heads on the internet . . .

    But – I think commenting on a fantasy team is legit, even if no one else really cares to read it. Hey, sometimes the urge to brag a little is insatiable . . .

    Louis – I feel you on that. I’ll have to think twice now.

    Quakes fans, rejoice. JPP is a true scoring threat. I am not pleased to see him back in the league with another team. Feels wrong to have not been compensated.

  4. What complete garbage this is.

    He was sold to Brondby by the league after they saw highlights from our (NYRB) friendly against Bayern Munchen and was solid for them until he was hurt.

    NYRB should be getting something (an allocation, money, those cool foam dice for the mirror of one the team vans, something.

    Only time you see someone get compensated for a guy coming back to the league, is Los Angeles.


  5. kpugs — According to MLS, ” If a replacement allocation is granted, a team does not retain a right of first refusal unless the team has not yet used or traded in full or part the compensatory allocation. In such a case, the team may retain the right of first refusal on the player provided they surrender the full amount of the replacement allocation. If an allocation is not granted, the team will retain a right of first refusal should he return to MLS.”

    So the question is, did RBNY ever use the money it got from the transfer?? (actually, I think the league retianed most of the fee since the transfer was in summer 2006, before the rule that gave teams 2/3 of the fee had been adopted. JPA and Reyna were DPs. Who else might we have spent that money on?

  6. Guys, idiot posters are only trying to get a reaction. Ignore them.

    That said, maybe Ives can appoint a couple of “Moderators” with the ability to delete posts to keep threads clear of garbage. Not that I’m volunteering….

  7. 1- This could either be a brilliant or useless signing. why would Brondby get rid of a guy who scored 2 goals in 3 games before getting injured and is finally healthy? Also, he’s still relatively young (26), so something just seems suspicious about it unless the earthquakes paid a (relatively) large transfer fee.

    2- I echo the comments by kpugs and dominghosa. I’ve been following this site for ages, and although I haven’t posted much, the discussions have been as much fun to read as Ives’ actual posts. Ridiculous ‘first’ posts and personal attacks go against the whole spirit of discussion here. I hope it’s not necessary to have forced registration (so Ives can ban consistently bad posters), but if that’s necessary to keep the discussions at such a respectful and insightful level I am all for it. Thanks to all the great posters on here, let’s hope it stays away from blind rival bashing, personal insults, and spam.

  8. Hey Ives,

    Are you trying to cover all your bases for The Offside Rules Blogmeter 🙂 ? (The deal has happened/the deal will happen later today/ the deal has not yet happened). Keep up the good work, as always!

  9. No offense to those who don’t belong in the “crap” category. The comments section has seen several good discussion recently. It’s just the few bad apples that have become annoying, to say the least.

    And yes, I have learned to not read or pay attention to those.

    It’s this “first” post and the few others like it that leads me to think we’re going down a path we don’t want to even look at.

  10. kpugs, the comments section on SBI has gone doen the tubes the last two weeks. Maybe the site has gotten too popular? No, for Ives’ sake the site will never get too popular. He’ll need as many hits as he can get.

    But we’ll have to face the fact that we’ll deal with this kind of nonsense from now on.

    Like Alex’s post on L. Robert being the best left mid in the MLS after one game, then listing what teams he played for and suggesting Ives doesn’t know about him, is ridiculous.

    But Alex was at least trying to make a point, this “first” stuff doesn’t belong anywhere here. As are the recent posts that have personally attacked fellow posters and the guy who runs this site and don’t add any kind of intelligent discussion or insight into this great game.

    But you can’t stop people from writing what they want to.

    And I’ve been guilty myself, posting crap about my fantasy team (sigh) but I long for the days when the comments sections were highlighted by folks like Jaomiq, Dave Martinez, Paul L…ends with “zi” (sorry Paul) as the thoughtful arguments continue.

  11. Dug, I could be wrong but I believe when you sell a player and receive a fee for him, you lose your rights to him in MLS.

    That is really just an educated guess, I could be wrong.

  12. Awesome, now we have idiots just typing first. Hey first, you’re an idiot, go elsewhere to post your pointless drivel. At least the idiot right behind you attempted to make his useless drivel funny.

    I feel bad for Peguero, he got off to a great start in Europe before blowing out his knee. I wish him well.

  13. Why didn’t they sign me? I am the greatest forward of all time! I am the man to put the ball in the back of the net! No one scored more goals in the history of the North American Soccer League than me! I am the Great Chinaglia!!!!!


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