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Introducing your MLS Correspondents for SBI


It was a long and difficult process choosing 14 writers to represent Soccer By Ives as MLS team correspondents, but it was also a fulfilling one because the quality of the candidates was everything I could have asked for.

Candidates came from all walks of life, from teachers to lawyers to students to coaches. There were even some professional media members in other fields with a strong interest in sports.

Ultimately I chose 14 writers who showed the best potential for being able to convey the emotions and concerns of the 14 MLS fan bases. The process wasn’t a perfect one but I am confident I have found 14 die-hard fans who can represent their fellow fans well.

Now, without further ado, here are your SBI MLS Team Correspondents:

  • CHICAGO FIRE—————– Stephen Wattles
  • CHIVAS USA———————John Sandate
  • COLORADO RAPIDS————-Craig de Aragon
  • COLUMBUS CREW—————Rich Fidler
  • D.C. UNITED———————Joel Sanderson
  • FC DALLAS———————–Casey Corcoran
  • HOUSTON DYNAMO————–Alex Swaim
  • LOS ANGELES GALAXY———–Nathan Henderson-James
  • NEW YORK RED BULLS———–Andrew Keh
  • REAL SALT LAKE—————–Lee Camblin
  • SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES——-Kevin Matthiessen
  • TORONTO FC———————Duane G. Rollins

There were some very difficult decisiions to make and there were some quality candidates who did not make this list. I will be contacting those writers who will serve as back-ups to this group. In the event that one of these writers cannot fulfill the duties of the position, the back-up will take over the job (yes, sort of like Miss Universe).

If you didn’t make the list and want to know why, please feel free to email me. I wanted to write everybody back but just did not have the time to. I will look to do so next week but if you want to write me to ask my opinion on your submission please do so.

Thank you again to all of you who took part and for those of yo wondering when you can start reading the work of these 14 writers. I am aiming for Tuesday to be the day, though ideally Monday will settle in as the day. Be sure to check back in to read their work.


  1. I’ve read a couple articles written by Duane Rollins in an independent football magazine which makes its way through Toronto. He’s got the passion for the game, that’s for sure. Looking forward to the first wave of posts by SBI correspondents.

  2. Pretending to ask Ives about John O’Brien or promotion/relegation has become the new asking Ives about John O’Brien or promotion/relegation.

    No more of that. This means you, “Ty HardOn”. Real original pun there in the display name, too, champ.

  3. congrats to all of you. can’t say I’m jealous, I have enough of my own work to do to effectively contribute to a blog. (Though I probably wouldn’t have been ‘accepted anyway lol). My one request, please don’t let this site turn into a more elitist version of BigSoccer.

  4. Congrats to all! Good luck guys and have fun with it! But remember, if you make a grammatical error, we’re all going to bash you like you were Chad Barrett in a West Ham uniform.

    Just kidding. Kind of. Maybe.

  5. Ives this is a pretty good lineup, but here’s what I’d do if I was in charge:

    – CHICAGO FIRE—————– Benny Feilhaber

    – CHIVAS USA———————John Sandate

    – COLORADO RAPIDS————-DaMarcus Beasley

    – COLUMBUS CREW————— Kevin Matthiessen

    – D.C. UNITED——————— Rich Fidler

    – FC DALLAS———————–Casey Corcoran

    – HOUSTON DYNAMO————–Alex Swaim

    – KANSAS CITY WIZARDS———- Andrew Keh

    – LOS ANGELES GALAXY———–Nathan Henderson-James


    – NEW YORK RED BULLS———– Joel Sanderson

    – REAL SALT LAKE—————–Lee Camblin

    – SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES——- John O’Brien

    – TORONTO FC——————— Mike Cross

    Main changes are, I brought in Feilhaber off the Derby bench to fill the Chicago post; DaMarcus Beasley will keep busy while recuperating by covering Colorado…

    And of course… JOHN O’BRIEN makes a triumphant return to the public eye in San Jose!!!!! If he can find the time off of his beach soccer exploits.

  6. great vibes kpugs, as always.


    …hey Ives, perhaps we can have an SBI tailgate before this (or another) NYRB match?

  7. Ives, a few questions.

    1) What does the “g” in Duane G. Rollins stand for?

    2) Where is John O’Brien?

    3) What about promotion/relegation involving MLS and USL?

    4) You know I respect you like a Brother, so humor me and tell me what you think about the new Strip the national team is wearing. Don’t you think it looks like a Club uniform? I like it – its not too fancy. I think its important that Club Strips are as minimalist as possible, and the same thing goes for the national team. It worked for the Poland game, I had my dog sat on my lap but I threw him off and started dancing when the third goal went in.

  8. “The New England-Chicago result was a bit shocking, but not when you consider that the Revs lost Jeff Larentowicz to a red card seven minutes into the match. Going a man down is one thing. Having it be the player you were expecting to shadow and frustrate Cuauhtemoc Blanco is another entirely. Chicago still deserves credit for taking full advantage of the red card and for playing quality soccer. The East is loaded.”


    Now that you have the correspondents let the blog debates begin. A perfect controversial match to get the festivities started.

    Round 1

    Stephen Wattles vs Andrew Karl

  9. Just remember. We fans love unsubstantiated RUMORS! We also love gossip. Why Frank Yallop is using a 4-4-2…not so much.

  10. Congrats to everyone and particularly Andrew Keh. I was hoping to get the RBNY gig but I am really looking forward to a fan’s take on the games this season. Good luck guys!


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