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Kansas City Wizards at Chicago Fire: Your Running Commentary


The unbeaten Chicago Fire take on the Kansas City Wizards today in a match that will determine who sits in first place in the MLS Eastern Conference after four weeks.

The Fire comes in at 2-0-1 while the Wizards enter at 2-1-1 after starting unbeaten at 2-0.

If you will be watching the match, and will be online, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the soccer.


  1. Match was a zip-zip tie– plus— a dumb Keeper error gift goal to KC. That gaff may well come back to haunt the Fire.

  2. Lopez out for Jonathon Leathers. Ives, wasn’t he one of your sleepers? That was actually an obscure list.

    Sorry Kevin and others, between the Spanish commentary and booking a biz trip for 4 I’m missing some of the players involved.

    89th min and Chicago don’t look like they’re in any hurry to score.

  3. Mapp again takes the ball on the left wing and cuts into the center, but skies the shot. It’s a step forward for him today staying aggressive, but his adventures haven’t turned out so great overall.

  4. Fire with a dangerous free kick out side the box, it’s curled in and I can’t tell if Hartman got a hand to it, or if the header bounced out the wrong way

  5. Wahl rattles the Fire post with a blast. It’s end to end right now.

    I really like the way KC gets its defenders (esp Jewsbury and Myers) forwards without seeming over exposed at the back


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