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Liverpool at Chelsea: Your Running Commentary

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The Champions League semifinals kick off today with Chelsea facing Liverpool at Stamford Bridge in the second leg of their home-and-home series. The first leg finished 1-1 courtesy of John Arne Riise’s amazingly awful own goal, which means Liverpool must win today or tie 2-2 or greater to advance while Chelsea can reach the Champions League final with a victory or 0-0 tie.

If you will be following the match and will be online, please feel free to follow the match here. Share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below

Enjoy the match.


  1. Well I think the ref butchered it. He called the Ballack penalty but ignored the Hyppia one. Those were both as well deserved. The first Chelsea goal was slightly offsides, but I can’t blame the ref I had to view it multiple times to see it. And whoever criticized Riise get off of it. He didn’t let the goals go in. He did all he could on Drogbas first one. And the second one was the whole defense wanting the call and not playing.

  2. I agree with Eric’s overall assesment, both of the match and Rafa’s outfits…

    On a slightly different note, Chelsea should be embarrased about the way Grant dresses…most top class managers (Rafa, Sir Alex, Jose, Don Fabio, even Ronald Koeman) wear a suit and generally look “managerial”. Grant dresses like I do on days I don’t have class till 2pm. Some of the fans dress up better than he does.

  3. Drogba was the hero in the face of a lot of recent criticism, and Ballack continued his strong run of play. I’m curious about the return of Shevchenko vs Man U over the weekend and again today. Are Roman’s demands creeping back in, or does Grant value him as some sort of a defensive forward (keeps possession, made the huge goal line clearance against Man U).

    I hate to say it, but Chelsea deserved it, they generally controlled play. Liverpool wasn’t dangerous for long stretches, although they turned it on late with their subs, and got some great goals from Babel and Torres.

    Both matches were pretty dull early, but had classic endings, overall it was well worth it. Rafa Benitez is my Man o’ Match, I want to wear a hoodie with tie on the job.

  4. That’s it. 3-2 Chelski, 4-3 on aggregate. Remind me – which Semifinals series was supposed to be the 7 goal thriller?

  5. Unfortunately, this all turned when Aurelio got hurt… not only the own-goal, but Riise was ball watching on two goals tonight.

  6. Bah. Grant is such a hack, if Chelsea is going to win, they might as well have let Mourinho have the same free choice of players.

    GOal!!! 3-2

  7. Interesting no call on a possible foul by Drogba in Chelsea’s own box… could have been a most interesting final 10′ if Livepool would have converted the possible PK.

  8. Much like the LA Cops and OJ – Sami Hyypia just framed a guilty man with that dive…

    …too bad, it actually was a penalty (and terrible over acting after the hack).


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