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MLS All Stars to face West Ham in All-Star Game


Major League Soccer has officially announced that the 2008 MLS All-Star game will feature a match-up between MLS All-Stars and English club West Ham United. The match will take place on July 24 at BMO Field in Toronto.

As reported by SBI on March 16, West Ham United will follow in the footsteps of Celtic, Chelsea, Fulham and Chivas de Guadalajara as international opponents to face the MLS All-Star Team.

What do I think of the choice? I’m opposed to the MLS All-Stars facing anything less than top clubs like Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, Roma or Bayern Munich. Anything else seems sort of pointless. I know that West Ham has great tradition and a big fan-base, but let’s face it, BMO Field was selling out for the All-Star Game regardless of the opponent.

Where exactly is the story line here? Jonathan Spector returns home to North America to face his countrymen? Will Green Street Hooligans star Elijah Wood do the First Kick? I know there are plenty of English ex-pats in Toronto but I still don’t see why West Ham. I mean I know why (because they could be booked) but I don’t see the hook for selling this game.

What would I have done? I think a match-up of CONCACAF All-Stars against the World would have been great and would have definitely created a memorable environment at BMO Field.

What do you think of West Ham being the opponent? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Any Premier league team is top flight and should be appreciated in playing the MLS all stars. Everyone should stop complaining and ask yourself why the MLS can’t put together enough all stars for two teams to play each other and draw fans and be interesting even. Let our league grow and improve before we start slagging 100+ year old top flight sides.



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