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SBI MLS Player of the Week/Weak

The MLS Player of the Week award has already been handed out by Major League Soccer, which honored Landon Donovan for his two-goal performance for Los Angeles against Houston. While Donovan is a worthy recepient, he doesn’t get SBI’s vote for this week’s player of the week award.

SBI MLS Player of the Week honors goes to San Jose midfielder Ronnie O’Brien, whose goal and assist helped the Earthquakes post their first win of the year in a 2-0 shock upset of Colorado. How is that performance not worthy of player of the week? Helping lead a team to an upset win on the road.

Here is O’Brien’s goal vs. Colorado:

Donovan and Alejandro Moreno were also in contention for Player of the Week honors.

As for Player of the Weak, that dishonor once again goes to a defender.

D.C. United defender Gonzalo Peralta gets the Goat Horns this week for his awful showing against the Columbus Crew. The Argentine was supposed to be an anchor in the back for D.C. but on Thursday he looked lost and out of position on several Crew attacks. He also capped the night by scoring an own goal as his attempt to get in the way of a Crew cross led to him heading into his own net.

Also in the running for Player of the Weak were Red Bulls defender Chris Leitch for his bad foul (and worse performance on the ensuing wall) that helped set up New England’s equalizer and Chicago forward Chad Barrett for missing a wide-open net from close range against Kansas City.

Who did you think deserved MLS player of the week and player of the weak for Week Four? Share your thoughts below.


  1. O’Brien’s HORRIBLE miss and that even more horrible whiff are reason enough for him not to get player of the week. Plus he wasn’t as influential as Donovan was on the game.

    Peralta had another howler, but selfishly I’d put Barrett as the worst. That miss cost points (Peralta’s OG came while DC was already losing) and was just beyond awful.

    @Posted by: Phillip | April 22, 2008 at 12:34 PM

    Can you please print out your comment and mail it to the Fire F.O.? He really is an absolute disaster. Don’t let the 2 goals fool you folks.

  2. I was at Toyata Park for Barrett’s miss and was shocked then. Only to go home and watch it again and it was harder to miss. He could have takin a touch and then dribbled into the net. But thats just Chad being Chad I guess…

  3. I think it should go to Barrett.

    My Grandmother could have finished that chance.

    I mean…what is he thinking…attack the damn ball and make sure it goes in.

  4. Tony in Quakeland- while you may have had more shots and shots on goal, your ratio of the two was worse…

    fire may have only had 10 shots, but if i recall, 7 of which were on goal… out of your 19 shots, only 9 of them were on goal… congrats on out shooting us, but failure to capitalize on your chances speaks more of you then it does us O.o…. fire still walked out with 3 points, does it matter how the game went??


    as for the topic, id agree the Week’s and Weak’s were both top picks…

  5. How about Bornstein or Guzan for Player of the Weak for simultaneous watching a ball bounce in front of the goal mouth and letting Kenny Cooper round the corner and score. They were ball watching pretty bad on that one.

  6. I saw the Quakes game against Chicago and still thought that there was no way they would go into Colorado and beat a Colorado team that was on a roll.

  7. Steve. Understood.

    But I think if you talked to Quakes fans who were at the Chicago game, you’d find the majority were pretty confident. We dominated the Fire in possession, shots, shots on goals and corners.

    I think they have a good chance of getting a point in New York too, unless Angel and Jozy play up to their potential. Yes, it would be an upset, but looking at how they are playing, it should not be a shock.

  8. I disagree with you on this one. O’Brien was awful most of the first half, missing several sitters. Plus, the second goal was keyed by a brilliant Grabavoy pass. I did not see the LA game, so I don’t know if Donovan had similar misses.

  9. Not so sure the Quakes win qualifies as a shock upset. Not after the way our mid field dominates the Chicago game – a game we would have taken points from if our finishing was better. Yallop has pieced together a team that on any given day can give any opponent a handful. Sure, an upset – but I for one wasn’t shocked.


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