Osorio confirms interest in Rojas

Osorio confirms interest in Rojas

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Osorio confirms interest in Rojas


Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio acknolwedged on Wednesday that the Red Bulls are, in fact, considering trying to acquire Venezuelan midfielder Jorge Rojas. Osorio confirmed the recent reports by SBI that Rojas is one of the team’s targets, but that money and other roster needs are keeping the team from signing the left winger.

"I have always looked at him as a very good player," Osorio said of Rojas. "When i was in Millonarios I tried to bring him to play for me and when I first took the job here I asked him to come and money was an issue.

"Obviously now, with the team not doing too well and him having some problems, the opportunity opened up again," Osorio said. "Now it’s for me to make that decision. It’s difficult because yes I would like to sign him because I think he could give us a threat going forward, but it’s a matter of trying to manage the budget that we have at the moment."

According to sources, the Red Bulls would need to acquire an allocation in order to buy Rojas out of his current contract with Union Atletico Maracaibo. Acquiring Rojas could also prevent the Red Bulls from signing another player.

"It also involves another player," Osorio said. "I’m resisting the temptation to make a rash decision as to who I will end up signing but (Rojas) is certainly a great candidate for this league and this team."

Osorio also confirmed that the Red Bulls are still pursuing the possibility of bringing in Red Bull Salzburg midfielder Ernst Obster before the close of the current transfer window.

Osorio also confirmed the SBI report this morning that the club had been pursuing Venezuelan defender and Deportivo Italia center back Gabriel Cichero but that talks stalled because of the price of the player.

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