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Red Bulls Update: the transfer window, Yepes and the mystery player

Here are some tidbits from today’s Red Bulls practice:

  • Juan Pablo Angel did not participate in full drills but did running drills.
  • Dane Richards and Hunter Freeman did running drills
  • Guillermo Imhoff arrived after a lengthy journey from Argentina and is expected to spend a week on trial with the Red Bulls
  • Chris Innes is still an option but the Red Bulls are looking at other players while Inness is back in Scotland weighing other options.
  • Red Bull Salzburg has yet to make a decision on loaning Ernst Obster to the Red Bulls but at this point, with the deadline set for tonight, it doesn’t look good. He is still a possibility for the summer transfer window.
  • The Sebastian Garcia who played in the Red Bulls reserve match on Monday is NOT Argentine defender Sebastian Garcia. There were some rumors that it was, but the Garcia who played on Monday is from New York.

Here are some other nuggets from today:

Guillermo Imhoff is NOT the last player Osorio will look at. There is one more defender who he will take a look at following Imhoff’s trial. Osorio could not provide any more information on the player, but did state that the player is under contrac with another club but that the player will become a free agent in three weeks.

Osorio acknowledged that he had, in fact, approached Colombian defender Mario Yepes about playing for the Red Bulls but that Yepes was already weighing some very large contract offers from other European clubs. According to Osorio, Yepes was very interested in playing in MLS with the Red Bulls, but the size of the offers he has received made a move to MLS an impossibility.

Lider Marmol is still here and we should know by Wednesday if there is any chance of him signing. If the Chicago Fire stand firm and don’t make any transfer window moves then Chicago will maintain its discovery rights to Marmol. If Chicago signs a player who takes up most of the Fire’s remaining salary cap space then Chicago will lose its claim on Marmol.

The Red Bulls don’t have any intra-league trades in the works. The players the Red Bulls are willing to trade are not in demand while the players in demand are players Osorio does not want to trade.


  1. I wonder if we will ever have a complete team on the field. It’s so sad. How are you supposed to build a fanbase when you can’t even field a full squad until more than half of the season is gone?

  2. It’s really that hard to scroll through things you don’t want to read?

    How do you think the rest of us MLS fans feel about the Red Bulls news? Irrelevant!

    Bunch of lazy folks frequent this site.

  3. I agree that the supporters stuff should be moved to another section of the site, but all these other criticisms are bogus. Ives has kept up the same contribution level and I find myself returning here 3 or 4 times a day just to keep up with the news. And I appreciate any Ives insight, I dont care if it’s MLS or Europe, it’s all usually interesting. Keep it coming Ives

  4. I agree about the supporters things. Probably sounded good as an idea, but really – it’s way too much. who cares.

    maybe start up a feature discussing why MLS players can’t pass, trap, and shoot? like a 1 on 1 interview with some MLS players and ask them these hardcore questions.

  5. I continue to think Ives does a great job with his observations and what he turns up for news. I agree with the others that the supporters comments muck it up a bit. If they have news, post it. Otherwise put them somewhere else.

  6. I do read and enjoy the MLS team commentary. But putting them on a separate page would make it easier to find Ives commentary.

  7. Lose the Supporters writeups on the front page …. There are a million fan blogs out there if I want to read that crap.

    Find myself launching to the other sites more and more and SBI less and less as I don’t feel like scrolling through nonsense to get to anything decent.

  8. ” Ives used to bring it hard every day but his game has fallen off a bit. The Fans point of view from different teams is kind of boring but hey that’s just me. Come on Ives bring back the good stuff like you used to man.”

    Chalk it up to: More competition elsewhere and less work for him to do, while people who just want to see their words on a blog do his work for him and he can kick back collecting ad revenue. Makes perfect sense.

  9. rumors have been chicago is looking for a forward in europe, but someone mentioned a polish winger in spain today…. either way, id rather pick up some wingers, b/c Mapp has become questionable, and rolfe isnt a winger to begin with (not to mention injury prone)…

    Hamlett may see Marmol as a solid defending/midfielder but in all honesty our defense has been the most consistant so far…. not to mention we have quality depth in the back line…. the midfield is lack, but if we can solidify it and produce more in the attack, our forwards will finish…

  10. THE Nick, I highly doubt you watch more Euro soccer than Ives does. In any case, is no one’s insight or analysis interesting to you other than your own? If so, you must be a lonely guy.

    I think the supporters pieces are fine, though I only occasionally read any other than the Red Bulls’ – which is probably the idea anyway.

    You all seem to think that Ives has reduced his personal output and replaced it with supporters’ pieces. That’s hardly the case. The level of his personal contributions seems the same to me.

    However, I do agree that it would be nice if all those supporters’ pieces didn’t take up the whole front page of the blog.

  11. The supporte opinons should go in another page. I really do not want to read about what a dude thinks of the Revlotuion soccer team!!! Ives….. come back to us!!!

  12. Ives,

    How much cap space do the Fire have to work with (including the $300k allocation from NYRB)?? Who are the Fire looking to sign today?

  13. I agree with a few others. The blog has gone slightly downhill with all these supporters views things. More than half the page is filled with these most days. If there was a separate section for the blog for those, that would be fine, but I miss the juicy stories from MLS and the world Ives used to bring us.

    Now it’s all just about how some dude sees his team, which frankly I don’t care about that much. Not even for my own beloved DC United.

    A separate section (and by section, I mean a separate page) for these supporter opinions would be great.

    I haven’t visited the site much over the past week cuz I got sick of seeing all that and weeding through it to find the good stories.

  14. The fire have a lot of cap space so I dont understand how a signing would put them out of the running for Marmol. Marmol should be in a fire jersey by sundays game

  15. I think the blog is in need of a redesign. The supporter’s view entries are making the blog a little messy…that is, hard to read and scan for the good tidbits.

  16. Seems like those supporters opinion pieces are not a big hit. Again, Ives is stepping away from what this Blog is known for, and that is breaking great stories on the Red Bulls and other MLS clubs.

    I scroll right past the supporters view postings and anything about international soccer because I know Ives knows nothing more than I do on these things. What Ives is the master at is MLS….why get away from that?

    In the end, this is Ives’ blog and I’ll keep coming back as long as there are plenty of Red Bulls and MLS stories. The other stuff is just filler as far as I’m concerned.

  17. I’d personally like to see the Supporter’s Opinions kept separate from the main news. When all posted one after the other, they take up almost all of the front page.

  18. I swear when I say what I’m about to say I don’t mean it with no malice or anything but as a loyal reader to Ives, I think we have the right to voice our opinions (because that is what a BLog is for) does not make it right or wrong, it’s an opinion. BUt Ives, what is up Dude….what happened to all the good juicy stuff you used to provide us with??? How about the “American Abroad” or like I said previously, Players the US National Team is pursing hoping to change their minds about playing for their parents country or their own country before the age of 21. Ives used to bring it hard every day but his game has fallen off a bit. The Fans point of view from different teams is kind of boring but hey that’s just me. Come on Ives bring back the good stuff like you used to man.

    Again I hope you don’t take why I wrote personal or anything. I love your work it’s that before there were more good stuff here.

  19. Is it possible that the Fire could add someone, using up most of their cap space, but still retain the discover claim? Couldn’t they, for instance, waive a player on contract to free up money or make a trade?

    For how long is a discovery claim valid and at what point must a final decision be made?


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