Red Bulls Update: the transfer window, Yepes and the mystery player

Red Bulls Update: the transfer window, Yepes and the mystery player

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Red Bulls Update: the transfer window, Yepes and the mystery player


Here are some tidbits from today’s Red Bulls practice:

  • Juan Pablo Angel did not participate in full drills but did running drills.
  • Dane Richards and Hunter Freeman did running drills
  • Guillermo Imhoff arrived after a lengthy journey from Argentina and is expected to spend a week on trial with the Red Bulls
  • Chris Innes is still an option but the Red Bulls are looking at other players while Inness is back in Scotland weighing other options.
  • Red Bull Salzburg has yet to make a decision on loaning Ernst Obster to the Red Bulls but at this point, with the deadline set for tonight, it doesn’t look good. He is still a possibility for the summer transfer window.
  • The Sebastian Garcia who played in the Red Bulls reserve match on Monday is NOT Argentine defender Sebastian Garcia. There were some rumors that it was, but the Garcia who played on Monday is from New York.

Here are some other nuggets from today:

Guillermo Imhoff is NOT the last player Osorio will look at. There is one more defender who he will take a look at following Imhoff’s trial. Osorio could not provide any more information on the player, but did state that the player is under contrac with another club but that the player will become a free agent in three weeks.

Osorio acknowledged that he had, in fact, approached Colombian defender Mario Yepes about playing for the Red Bulls but that Yepes was already weighing some very large contract offers from other European clubs. According to Osorio, Yepes was very interested in playing in MLS with the Red Bulls, but the size of the offers he has received made a move to MLS an impossibility.

Lider Marmol is still here and we should know by Wednesday if there is any chance of him signing. If the Chicago Fire stand firm and don’t make any transfer window moves then Chicago will maintain its discovery rights to Marmol. If Chicago signs a player who takes up most of the Fire’s remaining salary cap space then Chicago will lose its claim on Marmol.

The Red Bulls don’t have any intra-league trades in the works. The players the Red Bulls are willing to trade are not in demand while the players in demand are players Osorio does not want to trade.

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