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SBI MLS Best XI: Week Four


So who were the best players in MLS for Week Four? It was a bit tougher than usual to pick a Best XI but there were enough standout performances to create a nucleus to build around.

You had Ronnie O’Brien, Landon Donovan and Alejandro Moreno having their hands in multiple goals and you had defenders like Duilio Davino and Marvell Wynne playing big parts in their teams posting shutouts.

These five players lead the Week Four installment of the SBI MLS Best XI. Here are the selections:

SBI MLS Best XI: Week 4

Alejandro Moreno—————Jozy Altidore——————-Landon Donovan

Laurent Robert—————–David Beckham——————–Ronnie O’Brien

Frankie Hejduk——-Jimmy Conrad—-Duilio Davino———–Marvell Wynne

———————————–Kevin Hartman————————————-

Honorable Mention: Joe Cannon, Michael Parkhurst, Ned Grabavoy, Jeff Larentowicz, Amado Guevara, Kenny Cooper (And people, the above lineup is not meant to correspond with actual positions, the formation is used for display purposes only)

What do you think of this lineup? Share your thoughts and your picks below.


  1. davino is getting a ruff time from some of the Hoops fans so maybe he might be one that would not be the best pick. But Glad you had a couple of Dallas guys between the 11 and honorable mention.

  2. I think some are missing what Moreno is doing for the Crew. He’s playing as a lone striker, which puts a great deal of pressure on him to hold the ball to allow the attacking midfielders to join the attack. He’s been excellent in that role so far.

    Second, the job of a striker is to be in position to make a play, and when that happens, to finish. Moreno is doing that quite well. His play up top is helping Schelotto to be the creative force in the middle, while Rogers and Gaven are finding room on the wings.

    If other teams didn’t have to respect Moreno up top, this 4-5-1 doesn’t work. Alejando’s work rate at striker is key to the Crew being at the top of the goals scored category in the league, and is critical for a midfielder like Schelotto to have space to create.

    Guillermo has been excellent as well, but discounting the play of Moreno to date isn’t an accurate assessment of what’s happening for Columbus.

  3. You continue to overlook Shalrie Joseph, which indicates to me you have no idea about soccer. During the KC wizards game Bruce Arena every 10 minutes went out of his way to mention Shalrie and said he was the best player in the MLS. In the Red Bull game Shep Messing did the same, saying he is the most valuable player in the league and that he could play on any team in the entire world. Have you not watched a game, everybody on the team has no idea how to even pass the ball, if you remove him they would lose everygame by 3-4 goals, all you idiots want to mention is these Gambians who turn the ball over 80% of their touches and only look okay ocassionally b/c they are playing agianst some bum that has no business playing but since the league is so diluted they stick at outside or center back. Without Shalrie the Revs would be a glamourized kick ball team, nobody else even attempts to pass or knows what one touch means, wake up!!!!

  4. I agree with the other DC United fan that Schelotto should be listed in the Best XI over Moreno. Schelotto was, hands down, the best player on the field last Thursday. And was much more influential in Columbus’ overall win.

  5. I would HIGHLY recommend that people don’t listen to World Soccer Daily. There are other radio shows that give a much more balanced, open-minded view of MLS. WSD is nothing but idiocy.

  6. Actually I have to say I was disappointed in Altidore this past weekend. He had a great goal in a moment of brilliance, but thought for the rest of the match that his game was off. I know all we really care about with forwards are that they score goals, and Jozy did score one this weekend, but don’t think he did enough through the course of the game to put him on a best 11 list.

  7. I think it’s hard to disagree with most of this, but I’m gonna have to agree with Sal and make a play for my man Segares….game could have been severely worse without him….

  8. “The guys at world soccer daily seemed to think it was some attrocity against man.”

    You got to be kidding me.

    Donovan can’t win. We have to listen to asinine “Landycakes” cracks, but when he shows fire and burns the defense he challenged with two great, physical goals he gets attacked? What idiocy.

  9. Hey Ives do you have any opinion on the Donovan/Ianni incident over the weekend? I thought it might have been a little over the top, but not entirely uncalled for considering Ianni’s cheap shots throughout the game. The guys at world soccer daily seemed to think it was some attrocity against man.

  10. larentowicz deserves to be in their just as much as Robert for helping salvage a tie and his freekick. i’d also have to go with serioux over davino.

  11. Hey Hudson Street- Thats a laugh! I think it more has to do with that the Crew are the only game in town in Columbus…I always wear my D.C. United stuff on the Metro! Any true Washingtonian will tell you, the Bullets and the Caps are cruel Abe Pollin jokes-destined for permanent mediocrity.

  12. Moreno is getting a bit too much credit for his performance (one great goal and the other an own-goal). In lieu of Moreno, GBS should be in there… and that’s coming from a DCU fan.

  13. If your an away fan, I also recommend riding the Metro Rail from RFK back to your car. You really get to see the high class of DC residents that frequent public transportation.

    I also noticed that all the DC fans on the Metro were talking more about the Caps and Wizards than lamenting the loss to The Crew. I guess the supporters in Columbus care more about their team than DC supporters do.

    2-1 to the Crew!


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