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SBI MLS Best XI: Week Five


Week five of the MLS season feature some truly standout individual performances that made it extremely difficult to select a Best XI for the week.

Some picks were easy, like Landon Donovan, who netted a hat-trick AND an assist in the Galaxy’s 5-2 mauling of Chivas USA, but some others were tough to make.

This week’s MLS Best XI is heavy on goals, with five players who registered at least two goals.

Here is this week’s MLS Best XI for Week Five:

SBI MLS Best XI: Week 5

—–Jaime Moreno———Alan Gordon———–Landon Donovan——–

———Amado Guevara———————John Thorrington————–

—————Claudio Reyna—————Shalrie Joseph——————–

Chad Marshall———–Michael Parkhurst——————Marvell Wynne

———————————Wil Hesmer————————————-

Honorable Mention: Matt Reis, Gonzalo Segares, Carl Robinson, Marcelo Gallardo, Santino Quaranta, David Beckham, John Wolyniec, Jozy Altidore, Alejandro Moreno (And people, the above lineup is not meant to correspond with actual positions (Beckham on the left wing for example), the formation is used for display purposes only)

What do you think of this lineup? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Scott,

    “makes simple, effective passes to set up forward moves. He even directly creates dangerous chances with some regularity”

    If that was the case he would have more than 0 goals and 4 assists in 30 games. He is a good player, even has good games from time to time, but most reasonable fans critisisms of him are fairly valid.

    As for the best 11, all this whine is ridiculous, given me 20 people and i will show you 20 different best 11’s any given week. Got a problem with it, start your own damn blog and knock yourself out.

  2. Didn’t watch all the matches this weekend, so really can’t compare all the players, but will say, as a Red Bulls fan, that I disagree with your choices of Red Bull players. Surprising (to me anyway) Claudio Reyna’s inclusion is one I’m OK with. Though I’m not a big fan of his and thought many of his performances for us have been woefull (especially last year) I have to say that while watching the match (during the first half at least) did feel he was playing one of his best matches for the Red Bulls. Pleasantly surprised.

    However, Jozy and Woly I don’t think deserved the honorable mentions (of if they did then other forwards around the league must have had poor matches). Jozy, despite his goals so far this term, has disappointed me. I don’t see the hunger that I saw before or the physical presence that would torment defenders. He just doesn’t seem involved in the games as much. This past weekend it only seemed to me like he woke up in the last 15 min of the match (and yeah, had a hand in both goals), but for the rest of the match he was very poor. I kept watching the match saying to myself “why can’t he get more involved in this match, like Woly’s doing”. Woly I think did have a good match, and put in a lot of effort, but we’re talking for a 3rd string forward. Like I said before, unless the rest of the forwards in the league had poor weeks, I don’t think his performance was good enough for an honorable mention.


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