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Admit it, the month of April was a rough one for your MLS fantasy team. I mean sure, you might be one of the lucky few who adjusted to all the rules changes and got off to a flying start, but chances are you like most of us, wondering what is wrong with Luciano Emilio and trying to decide whether to hold on to Juan Pablo Angel or cut bait.

SBI Fantasy Correspondent Stephen Zaffuto can help you climb out of those April doldrums (at least he hopes so). Here are his MLS fantasy tips for week six:


“April is the cruelest month,” wrote T.S Eliot in the most famous line of his classic 1922 poem “The Waste Land”.  While he probably didn’t have your fantasy team in mind when writing this, most owners can’t help but agree with the old bard as they find themselves ranked in the triple digits.  So what now?

Well, think of it this way:  as bad as it seems you’re doing right now, things will even out.  The teams sitting on top of the standings are probably just as lucky as you’ve been unlucky. 

After all, the difference between 25th and 75th could have been entirely determined by whether or not you had Matt Reis or Pat Onstad as your keeper in week 5.  Seems pretty arbitrary.  My advice: put April in the past, do your homework and give yourself a chance to catch some good luck, and keep on keepin’ on.  If Alan Gordon can score a brace, anything can happen.  You gotta believe…

Fortunes Rising

GK – Dario Sala, FCD ($415K) – The safest bet to pitch a shutout this week, Sala will face a San Jose offense that has only scored in one of its first four games.  Playing on the road, and with San Jose’s addition of Peguero Jean-Phillipe (or Jean-Phillipe Peguero?), it’s no sure thing, but I still give Sala the best chance to score big.

Honorable Mention: W. Hesmer (CLB)

Bargain Buy: J. Busch (CHI), $250K

DEF – Drew Moor, FCD ($352K) – Though he’ll cost $32K more than teammate Serioux, pay the extra money for Moor.  All else being equal, Moor gives you a slightly better chance (2 goals in ’07) of making something happen in the attack and adding a few points to a potential clean sheet.

Honorable Mention: A. Serioux (FCD), C. Marshall (CLB)

Bargain Buy: C. Meyers (KC), $200K

MF – Dwayne DeRosario ($380K) – D-Ro is already down $100K from his initial price in Week One.  The further his price falls, the more valuable he becomes.  Though the fact that I’ve always thought he bears a striking resemblance to Steve Carell is largely irrelevant, I’ll still jump on the chance to play the Canadian hero against a Chivas USA defense gasping for air. 

Honorable Mention: C. Gomez (COL), A. Guevara (TFC) – Both vs. former team

Bargain Buy: R. Rogers (CLB) $207K

FWD – Kenny Deuchar ($220K) – Thus far, Real Salt Lake’s offensive performance has been directly proportional to the amount of Mormons in attendance.  At home, they’ve scored five goals in two games, while managing only two goals in their three road matches.  Deuchar, mentioned last week as one of the fixed-price bargains, is a solid play against a Galaxy defense that considers allowing “only” two goals – as they did in last week’s SuperClasico – a very good performance.

Honorable Mention: K. Cooper (FCD), L. Donovan (LAG)

Bargain Buys: C. Clark (COL), $190K

Strategy of the Week

Don’t load your roster with Toronto FC or Kansas City players.  Neither team has a game next week, so if you have more than three guys from these two teams, you’ll be handcuffed in what moves you have to make for next week.


  1. Top 10 in the SBI league. Woohoo!

    BTW Stephen, tips aside (and they are appreciated), this is an enjoyable read. Nicely done.


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