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Red Bulls eyeing Argentine defender

The Red Bulls had a new face in training on Tuesday. Argentine defender Guillermo Imhoff, who last played for Austrian club Wacker Innsbruck. The 25-year-old central defender participated in training. A 6-foot-1 left-footer, Imhoff is the latest candidate to fill the club’s need for a central defender.

Also, team sources denied a report that the Red Bulls are no longer considering Scottish defender Chris Innes. Innes left the Red Bulls after playing in the team’s scrimmage against Seton Hall on Monday but is still a possibility to be signed by the Red Bulls. Whether he is signed will depend on the performance of some other players the Red Bulls are looking at, including Imhoff.


  1. According to Wikipedia, Imhoff has played in only 47 games over the last five years, and that for five different teams.

    Forgive me for not falling out of my chair.

  2. Re: Innes, you would think RBNY isn’t in any position at this point to tell anybody with a halfway decent pedigree, “Don’t call us; we’ll call you”

    I mean, according to the training reports last week, he was able to organize and communicate well in the back, precisely the attributes missing on Sat night, no?

  3. I’m with you Keith. Cut Leitch. The backline looks way more respectable with Freeman, Parke, Innes, and Imhoff (as long as he pans out)

  4. Why cant we sign both guys, and cut Leitch. Then we would have 4 good deffenders in Freeman, Parke, Innes and Imhoff. But I guess that is asking to much for the team.

  5. I wouldn’t expect a deal for Innes. If there was, it should have happened already. He’ll take the best deal, which will probably come from Europe. Too bad though. Hope for your NYRB fans that the Imhoff guy pans out.


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