Red Bulls update: A quiet transfer deadline looms

Red Bulls update: A quiet transfer deadline looms

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Red Bulls update: A quiet transfer deadline looms



Those of you waiting for the Red Bulls to swoop in on transfer deadline day and make a splash with some signings will have to wait. That isn’t going to happen.

Other than a proposal made to Red Bull Salzburg to bring in Ernst Obster on loan (a proposal that has not been approved yet) the Red Bulls will not be making any transfer deadline acquisitions (that includes Jorge Rojas, who will not be coming). That does not mean the Red Bulls aren’t lining up some potential signings, just that the players they are considering now are not attached to any club and can be signed after tomorrow’s transfer deadline.

The club is bringing in one final defender for a look in the coming days, and if the unidentified South American defender does not impress Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio then the team will hold on to the salary cap space and allocation money it currently has until the summer transfer window, when it will pursue one of the two attached defenders the team tried to sign during this transfer window (Deportivo Italia defender Gabriel Cichero is one, an unidentified European-based defender is the other).

Osorio stated that the club is still considering Scottish defender Chris Innes but that he won’t rush into a decision and Innes still has some other options, making a signing of the former Gretna defender unlikely.

"I can say that Chris came here that he is good in the air, a good organizer and good pro, Osorio said. "He has other options and I don’t want to jump into the first choice."

The unidentified trialist is expected to train with the team on Wednesday if he can get his VISA issues straightened out.

"If the player shows is he can play then we will consider signing him," Osorio said. "If it’s not, I will hold on to that money, I will spend it on another left-footed defender in the summer."

Cichero appears to be a very strong candidate to be signed. A 24-year-old central defender with a strong left foot, Cichero is expected to be available this summer.

As for Rojas, who Osorio has made no secret of coveting as a player, he chalked up the likely failed attempt to sign him to the club’s lack of salary cap space and allocation money. In other words, that $2 million deal reported in the Venezuelan press wasn’t close to happening (but you had to know that already).

Innes played in the reserve team’s game against Seton Hall on Monday (won by the Red Bulls, 5-0) and impressed. Also playing in that match was Paraguayan midfielder Lider Marmol, who the Red Bulls have not given up on signing. Marmol is also unattached so he could also be signed after Tuesday’s transfer deadline.

So why the optimism about Marmol? according to sources in Chicago, the Fire is considering a transfer deadline acquisition that could leave the club without the salary cap room to afford Marmol. If that is the case, then the Fire would lose its discovery claim to Marmol, which would move the Red Bulls into  position to sign him.

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