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UEFA Cup Semifinals set for today


The UEFA Cup semifinals kick off today with both match-ups being shown on Fox Soccer Channel. Here is the rundown:

  • 2:30pm- Fiorentina at Rangers
  • 5pm- Zenit St. Petersburg at Bayern Munich

The Fiorentina-Rangers tilt is the more appealing of the two, though watching Bayern Munich this year has been a treat. Can the Russian underdogs pull a result in Munich? Can the Viola escape Ibrox with a win?

My picks for today? Rangers 1, Fiorentina 0, Bayern Munich 3, Zenit St. Petersburg 1

Share your thoughts on today’s matches below.


  1. Well, Bayern – Zenit turned out to be a much more entertaining match. Plus, considering the amount of “money” players Bayern has, the score is a good result for Zenit, who were actually unlucky not to score the 2nd goal on a couple of occasions at the end.

    True, Bayern controlled the first half, but the end of that half and most of the 2nd half were an entirely different story.

  2. hehe, what money are you talking about in Zenit? Ribery costs like all the Zenit. It could be at least 1-2 in the second time 😛

    dont forget that Zenit plays every 3-4 days for the last two months and they have too many injured (this is the reason why Advokat did not change a single player during the game)

  3. IMO – Too many top clubs play too many games and by the end of the season look like crap in the biggest competitions w/o half the starting lineup due to injuries.

    At some point, quality sport needs to take precedence, and not quality $$$ making opportunities for clubs, TV companies, and UEFA.

  4. Both Fiorentina and Rangers are struggling with their endurance as their teams are competing on multiple fronts. Rangers’ players are struggling due to lots of injuries, while for Fiorentina the squad just isn’t all that deep. Could be a very competitive match or one where one or the other team runs out of gas. Hoping my Fiorentina comes out on top.

  5. Bayern will not beat Zenit 4-1. Given the amount of money oligarchs are pouring into the Russian League, it is better top to bottom than the leagues in Holland and France, and is not far behind Germany. These teams are no pushovers.

  6. I wouldn’t underestimate Zenit. I would like to see Fiorentina and Bayern in the final, since it would be Luca Toni against his former club.

  7. Anything more exciting than the highly anti-climactic Champions League Semi-final matches suits me just fine.

    I think Rangers are streched with this quadruple tropy possibility and draw but give up an away goal or two. Bayern thrash Zenit by at least a three goal margin.

  8. who cares about this. can we have more posts about what a fan of salt lake thinks of their favorite team in salt lake? thats the stuff i need.

    i would also like to know who runs the funniest at red bulls training.

  9. I don’t know… Rangers are missing Ferguson and McGregor on top of a number of other players. I really think they’ll be doing everything they can to just prevent Fiorentina from getting any away goals.

    Rangers 0 – 0 Fiorentina

    Bayern 2 – 0 Zenit

  10. “Cicatriz” Ribery was the steal of the transfer market this year, and I’m pulling for Bayern, even if they broke the hearts of Getafe.

    Rangers 1 Fiorentina 2 (Mutu 2)

    Bayern 4 Zenit 1 (I can guarantee no goals for Toni)


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