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Agent: Report of Bradley favoring Bundesliga move is false


Michael Bradley’s pending transfer this summer is one of the most anticipated moves in American soccer, so when a report surfaced on Wednesday claiming that Bradley favored a move to the German Bundesliga over a move to the English Premier League, a few eyebrows were understandably raised.

As it turns out, that report was false. Ron Waxman, Bradley’s New York-based agent, refuted the claims that Bradley prefers a move to Germany.

"There is no truth to the idea that Michael favors a move to the Bundesliga over a move to the Premier League," Waxman said. "Michael is interested in moving to a good club in any of the top leagues in Europe.

"Furthermore, I am Michael’s agent, and I will not discuss the names of any clubs that have expressed an interest in Michael."

This is the story Waxman refuted.

Ironically, the story claiming Bradley preferred Germany to England came out on the same day that a story out of Liverpool linked Everton to a potential $9 million bid for Bradley.

What do you think of the reports? Where do you think Bradley should go? Everton? Blackburn? Stuttgart? Werder Bremen? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Seems like nobody has commented on this post for awhile, but for my own sake I should acknowledge that Blackburn has finished strong this season, and could very well find the their way into the Intertoto cup, and the backdoor to UEFA again this season–though I still don’t think they have the tools to do any better than that in the coming seasons.

  2. Bayern is too clogged in the midfield, especially with Frings coming in next season. If Diego leaves Bremen, I think that would be the best bet for him if he wants to play right away. I don’t know if I’d want to have to be his replacement, though…

  3. Guys, I think we’re all missing the point here by overlooking one really, really important factor: which potential suitor has the sweetest uniform. Personally, I think Bradley should make a point to try on uniforms from a variety of teams around the Continent and the UK to get a feel for his options. Perhaps he really identifies with one over the others. I, personally, think the Everton shirt is passable, along with the hoops of Celtic. The red and white of Stuttgart is sharp, and Blackburn strip isn’t altogether different from the Heerenveen strip to which he’s grown accustomed. The green and orange of Bremen is right out. I think we should look at a potential dark horse in Portsmouth, who have those bitchin’ Canterbury strips — most improved kits over the past five years, hands down. Remember the Ty heart logos? Even worse than the Pizza Hut look for Fulham. I would have put in my transfer request right there.

  4. I’d take Portsmouth, Villa and Everton in the Bundesliga. At least one would gain a CL spot and the other two would still be UEFA Cup qualifiers.

  5. “How many 20 year olds are first XI starters on premier league teams?”

    You are looking at Michael Johnson, Theo Walcott, Anderson, Babel and only a handful of others.

  6. I think the Bundesliga is arguably a top 3 league. And going to a team that will be in Champions League would be the right call. I am pretty sure, wherever he ends up will be the right decision for him, his father, and the USMNT. If anyone can give Michael the right kind of advice, his Dad is that man, and no way would he send his son somewhere where he will languish on the bench, or be subject to the whims of having his manager replaced half way through the season. Michael needs consistent minutes, and on a team that has a winning tradition.

  7. Bradley to Everton makes too much sense, which is why I am leery it will get done.

    Everton need a tall box-to-box player. Exactly what Bradley is.

  8. Yanqui, I’m going to say this one time. Let it go and stop pretending that you have a clue about things you have no idea about.

    Move on.

  9. players who are not based in Europe frequently have two agents…one main agent and another regional one who might have better contacts in that particular region

  10. Sky Sports incorrectly identified Schramm as Bradley’s agent. I don’t see a quote from Schramm saying he’s his agent so it appears to simply be a mis-identification from the writer of the Sky Sports story, which was then picked up by other outlets.

    Agents do work with other agents on deals, but that doesn’t mean all agents involve are considered a player’s agent. Ultimately, whether Schramm is working with Bradley or not, his comments were pretty stupid to make, especially if they are false.

  11. Agree with many of the above comments: he needs to go where he is going to get playing time. Things like the strength of the league or whether there is Chamions League soccer are secondary to that.

    Nobody wants to see happen to Bradley what happened to Benny Feilhaber.

  12. Regardless of Bundesliga or Premier League, this is great for Bradley and for the USA. I’m sure the papers in the US will be reporting this with pride and just imagine whatever side signs Altidore, it’s all good. How much would he be making at Everton if the £4 million deal went through?

  13. Hey Ives,

    Perhaps you can clear up the agent confusion some of us are having here. You’ve said it is Ron Waxman and according to Onionsack, Kon Scramm may be his local rep. Does he have two reps? Or is there some other reason why two guys are saying they are Michael Bradley’s agent?

  14. Well its not uncommon for a player abroad to have representation locally, someone that speaks the languages and has contacts in those countries.

    Waxman may be his “agent” but the other guy lists Bradely under the official registar as representing Bradley.


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