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Barcelona vs. Red Bulls set for Aug. 6

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The LONG-awaited Barcelona/Red Bulls friendly is finally ready to be made official. According to team sources, Barcelona will play the Red Bulls at Giants Stadium on Wednesday, Aug. 6 at 7pm.

SBI Readers know this has been an on-again, off-again, on-again deal, but it is expected to be announced today. The date is a day earlier than was first reported back in February. The change could have been made to better accommodate Barcelona’s Champions League qualifying match the next week (as well as the Red Bulls’ home match vs. D.C. United that Sunday).

Feel free to share your thoughts on the friendly below.


  1. I will be there because I get a free ticket as a season ticket holder BUT…

    August 6th? That is 4 days before our home game against D.C. That worries me a little.

  2. You could put 11 RBNY reserves in Barca Jersey’s and I’d be there. All the better that they will be actual Barca player, Dinho or not.

  3. Awesome, a Wednesday. Guess I’m taking off.

    Barry…there will be grass for both games.

    Danny…if the casual fan stays home because little Ronnie won’t be there (i.e. doesn’t care about the other superstars on the team who are better than Ronnie), then he/she is not a casual fan. He/she is not a fan at all.

  4. The Red Bulls won’t even be able to compete. I’m not sure it will even be entertaining to watch. God knows the Chicago game wasn’t.

  5. Rather they didn’t play this during their regular season. Will be interesting to see if the casual fan goes without Ronaldinho there.

  6. With the USA-Argentina match on June 8th and Barcelona in a month later is there any plan to install a temporary grass field at Giants Stadium?

  7. YES! Finally some quality soccer on the field at Giants Stadium. I hate to bash RBNY, but I’m still relatively embarrassed from Sunday


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