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Bocanegra released by Fulham


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U.S. national team defender Carlos Bocanegra is looking for a new team.

To the surprise of nobody, Fulham manager Roy Hodgson released Bocanegra, making him one of eight players let go by the Cottagers on Friday.

With American goalkeeper Kasey Keller looking likely to depart, Bocanegra’s departure coupled with Brian McBride’s possible departure from Fulham could leave the Cottagers with just two Americans, Clint Dempsey and Eddie Johnson.

Bocangra’s departure ends a tumultuous period at the club for him. He went from regular starter and captain to unused substitute by year’s end, with his unwillingness to sign a contract extension considered one of the reasons he fell out of favor at Fulham.

So where will Bocanegra go now? A reunion with Chris Coleman and Conventry is not in the cards, a source close to Bocanegra told me recently. Bocanegra has drawn considerable interest, both in England and other European countries (including the Netherlands).

Where do you think Bocanegra should go? Do you think Fulham made a mistake in releasing him? Share your thoughts below.


  1. In my estimation “Gooch” passed “Boca” around the X mas break! AND I don’t think he will catch him again unless he gets some first team ball.

    “Gooch” is now the rock of our defense. “Boca” is also a rock, albeit a smaller, slower, less athletic one.

    “Gooch” for President in 2010!

  2. he’s too good to be in the second tier of any country. Coventry is a bad move.

    Being released is no shock. He was the old manager’s boy and was targeted as such.

    He should move to La Liga if possible.

    I would be shocked as hell if he came back to MLS folks. If he did, he’d play for Chicago since he is positively adored there and he still loves the city or one of the LA teams since that is his hometown (basically)

  3. Dammit. All that rooting for Fulham to stay up at Reading’s expense for nothing. KK will be gone anyway. McBride might be gone. Bocanegra is gone. Dempsey likely would have been picked up by another Premiership club anyway. And Johnson is probably better off in the Championship anyway.

    Now I really wish Reading had stayed up. Marcus is the guy who can play in the Premiership, but likely will stay with Reading in the Championsip. (Convey? See Johnson above) For the other 6 Yanks involved, Fulham’s relegation likely would not have influenced the league in which they play.

    Hopefuly McBride stays at Fulham,making my coment inaccurate.

  4. Two points:

    The clubs are promoted from the Championship are pretty well set in defense. One might purchase him as cover, but is that what he wants?

    Bocanegra was Fulham’s second leading scorer last season, so he will be known as a goal threat on set pieces.

    His distribution remains his weakness, and technical leagues will be cautious about signing such a player for the back 4.

    Eredivisie, Bundesliga, and SPL remain the most likely options. A low table team in La Liga is less likely but still possible.

  5. I personally think you are all idiots. Bocanegra and Gooch have become quite a good pairing. Gooch is just a liability when a smaller pacy forward. Bocanegra was the best player for us in the Gold Cup last summer and played very well for Fulham when he actually got to play. He was benched because he would not sign only a 1 year extension. He will catch on @ a very decent European side and perform admirably. Cherundolo is the best US defender but Boca is not far behind.

  6. Please…Hodgson is a moron. If Bocanegra was playing the last few games, they would have cleared much sooner. Just for his size and heading abilities on set pieces alone, made him a reason to start on a team struggling to find goals. He looked damm good against Poland for the Nats, yet he doesn’t even get any time for an about to be relegated EPL team the next week?? Getting out of Fulham is a great move for Bocanegra!

    What I am really pissed about is that we all never got to see all of the Americans in the lineup at the same time. Why didn’t Hodgson do that? To me that would have proved positive results, at least for a win or two more towards the end of the season, when they desperately needed results!

  7. Can somebody explain any info around Boca’s refusal to sign an extension…pay cut? only a one year extension??

  8. They need to stop printing that word “released” in the paper. Writers did it on the Deco story, and it happened with the Bocanegra story. Americans hear the word released and automatically jump to the wrong conclusion. Bocanegra’s contract was expired, and Fulham simply chose not to renegotiate. Its not the NFL version of “released” where the contract itself is torn up.


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