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European transfer updates


Good afternoon folks. The European transfer window is still a month away but that hasn’t stopped a flurry of transfers from taking place, at least unofficially.

Here is a rundown of some of the bigger transfers of the past week or so:

  • Amauri to Juventus from Palermo
  • Lautaro Acosta to Sevilla from Lanus
  • Patrik Berger to Sparta Prague from Aston Villa
  • Omar Bravo to Deportivo La Coruna from Chivas de Guadalajara
  • Antonio Cassano to Sampdoria from Real Madrid (loan made permanent)
  • Mikael Forsell to Hannover 96 from Birmingham
  • Alberto Gilardino to Fiorentina from AC Milan
  • Seydou Keita to Barcelona from Sevilla
  • Marcelo Martins to Shakhtar Donetsk from Cruzeiro
  • Gerard Pique to Barcelona from Manchester United

The biggest of this bunch is Amauri, who was a top forward target for several teams. Gilardino departed from Milan to make way for what should be one or two new Milan strikers. It’s good to see Omar Bravo finally make the jump to Europe. It will be interesting to see how he adapts after spending so many years in Mexico.

Which transfers of the past week have caught your attention? Also, feel free to add any other completed transfers to the list (and I mean completed, not the rumored ones that haven’t been done yet like Alonso to Juve or Hleb anywhere).


  1. Nothing here that is big news. Only thing that comes close is Pique back to Barca, only because Fergie loves the kid and he’s legitimately good. Fergie wouldn’t have let this happen if he saw Pique getting significant minutes next season.

    Having said that…and no offense to Wes Brown (he’s not that great but had a very good season) I would have booted Brown and re-signed Pique to a meaty deal. Pique is the real deal, Rio is about to be 30 and G-Nev is at a point in his career when he’s hurt more than healthy. I view Pique as a pretty significant loss.

  2. If we are really going to analyze this, and it is in fact a teaser about a DP signing…I would have to believe that single star is there for a reason, which would mean a DP from either France or England…

  3. @Dominghosa – The Original Winger has a pretty cryptic teaser about the announcement. It seems that the people who have the banner ad know what is coming and are to use the banner to create a buzz.

  4. i thought i also saw the banner on

    it may just be speculation with the transfer window opening…

    just another addition to the silly season

  5. Mark Schwarzer to Fulham from Middlesbrough

    -This deal was officially completed yesterday and leaves Keller with the decision on whether to stay at Fulham as the 2nd choice, move to another Euro club, or come back to the US (as per the Grant Wahl article on

  6. @gmd fc – They are also on The Offside Rules and The Original Winger. (Those are the ones I saw it on anyway.)

  7. There are several reports saying Geo dos Santos is leaving Barcelona for Tottenham nad the deal is to be completed this weekend.

    Rated at 12.5 million pounds. (That’s a lot in today’s dollars)

  8. Ives,

    I am pretty sure I saw a Futbol Mundial episode on GolTV where Omar Bravo said he wanted to make a move to Europe, but that there was a reason or force keeping him from going abroad.

    He also said that one day he would reveal why he didn’t leave for Europe earlier.

    Do you know anything about this?

  9. @GMD FC – Oh…excitement gone. Thought we were getting an actual DP (Deco). No offense to McBride, but I don’t really consider him a DP.

  10. No rumors, what’s left to discuss then? Those DP Banners?

    This sounds halfway between rumor and a done deal, so I’ll bring it up anyways – the Guardian is saying that Spurs “moved towards clinching a £5m deal” for Man City’s Dunne. That would be fantastic for them, he was one of the very best CB’s last year.

  11. Ives! What is the deal with all of the great MLS blogs having the “DP Coming June 2008” banners on their sites? It’s driving me crazy today!

  12. Ives-

    Any idea what Fulham plans to do this summer? It would be cool if you could do some sort of analysis for them considering the amount of yanks involved (or, maybe not anymore).


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