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MLS Match Night: Week Six (Your Running Commentary


Tonight is the night the Eastern Conference standings start to come into focus.

With four teams tied on 10 points, just two points behind East leaders Columbus, the Eastern Conference will be cleared up a bit when the Chicago Fire travels to New England and the Kansas City Wizards travel to Columbus to face the first-place Crew.

The West should gain some focus as well, with three intra-conference tilts on the schedule. Chivas USA travels to Texas to face Houston in the ‘We’re supposed to be better than this’ Derby, the offensively strong and defensively challenged LA Galaxy to meet a struggling Real Salt Lake side while first-place FC Dallas looks to rebound from its first loss by facing expansion strugglers San Jose.

If you will be watching tonight’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Still on top of the league, kids. And with expansion SJ on tap next weekend, we’re not going anywhere. It wasn’t pretty, but 3 points is pretty enough for me. Fort Lamar Hunt gives up no points to visiting teams. Get used to it, MLS. Times they are a-changin’.

  2. Alexi Lalas was in the crowd at the de la Hoya fight tonight. I guess he’s too cool to travel to Utah…

    Oscar was wearing Dynamo orange gloves and had the team emblem on his trunks.

  3. Buck Shaw actually looks like a pretty decent place to watch a match. Better than the Wizards’ Community America.

  4. I see the announcers on the San Jose vs Dallas game are much better.

    “It’s going to be like a game of horseshoes. Whoever is closest is going to win it.”


    I thought there was a reason that they say close only counts in horseshoes.

  5. That was an interesting interview with the Lew Wolf (SJ owner). I got the impression that the team is more or less a toy or novelty item to him. I came away with the impression that he has a great deal of money and some people told him to buy the franchise and he basically said ‘why not’.

  6. “I’ve really become a big fan of watching Chris Klein on a nightly basis”-LA Announcer

    considering klein plays on a weekly basis, he must have access to his private webcam

  7. Take the “home games against LAG are being played at McAfee Coliseum” back. I meant to say the opener (Fire) and LAG matches are being played at McAfee.

  8. Jacob:

    That would explain it. I didn’t think they had switched stadiums already. That’s a shame. More poor attendance.

    Well Donovan’s certainly in the game in the second half. Fantastic save by Rimando, but there is no way you can miss a chance that wide open and that close. If Donovan doesn’t hit that right near Rimando it’s an unstoppable goal.


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