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Good morning folks. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is my story on Bruce Arena and the very real chance that he will be returning to MLS very soon.

The circumstances are simple. D.C. must win tonight to avoid a five-game losing streak, a 2-8 start and more loses before June than they suffered ALL of last season. Head coach Tom Soehn is clearly on the hot seat, but a lost tonight could force D.C. to make the move to Arena, who I have no doubt will be coaching in MLS some time soon.

What do you think about Arena coming back to MLS? Do you think he’s the coach to turn things around for D.C. if Tom Soehn can’t right the ship? Share your thoughts below.


  1. man it’ll be great if they hire another bunkerball expert for the league. That’s exactly the kind of excitement that’s been missing /sarc

    He will do jack s*** in DC. His titles all came in the very early days of the league where attacking talent was at a premium. He simply isn’t a very dynamic manager. He knows how to pack it in and pray for counters, but that simply isn’t going to work in the league the way it is shaking out now. (look at his tenure in NY) The level of attacking quality is ahead of the defenders for the first time in ever and they will simply shred college newbs with poor tactical awareness.

  2. Arena’s first stint at DC was something special but he needs to stay away. He is an arrogant coach who seems to know everything. DC needs the players to step up and play. Arena can’t fix that. Do we forget that DC won the supporters shield? Tommy is hardly the problem. I understand he takes the fall when the ship is sinking but come on, the Big Bruce? He would come in and make more excuses than when he bowed out of the grandest stage in Germany. Wait till the transfer window opens on the 15th. DC will make the necessary changes. Emilio will be gone, better defenders brought in and a striker to top it off. Little surprised at Ives for pushing Bruce so much. Must be working on best friend status to beat the mighty Goffer to the punch.

  3. If Brucio comes in with a clear mind, a clean slate and not rest on the laurels he built up in the past, he’ll be successful.

    He can’t come in thinking the same ways and doing the same things he did as a coach in the past two seasons and even in his successful years in D.C. United. That might not work anymore.

    He’s a good enough of a coach to adjust to a new team (despite it being his old organization) and an evolved MLS.

  4. I’d rather see Arena go to DC, just so it can light a fire under them and get them going. I went to RFK when Columbus came to town, and as a Crew supporter, I want the Crew to face United in the playoffs, beat them and redeem all the eastern conference finals loses from the late 90’s.

    Call me crazy, but United at the bottom of the table just doesn’t look right. But I do have to take a moment and laugh…..HAHA!

    Columbus Til I Die!

  5. Bruce can do alot more than Tommy with the same team. At least if we lose, we won’t have been outcoached. Goff wrote an article in the post this morning that said that Soehn has the support of “United” but actually, the quotes weren’t exactly ringing endorsements. DC is the perfect place for Arena and the time is now!

  6. irishapple21:

    If Arena comes to DC, you could not PAY us to take Reyna off your hands. Sorry. He’s old and fat, and we in no way support laziness here in the District.

  7. Bruce can’t do anything to help D.C. win this year. The roster needs to gel fast. That’s their only hope. There is a load of talent on that team that just hasn’t shown up yet.

  8. I hope it happens, as an outside of DC guy, it would be a fun storyline to follow.

    I heard they had other options though?

  9. I wholeheartedly support Bruce Arena coming back and leading up to the promised land, again.

    I’m from Virginia, and I remember watching and rooting for UVA back in the day. He came to DC, I rooted for him. He led USA to some nice performances. I rooted.

    Tommy led us to a great performance last year, but, DC is disgusting this year.


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