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My ESPN piece on the U.S. player pool


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Good afternoon folks. In case you haven’t seen it, here is my piece on on the U.S. national team player pool for the upcoming friendlies against England, Spain and Argentina. It still sounds crazy when you rattle off that list of games, doesn’t it?

Also, for those of you who didn’t see it over the weekend, I wrote a piece on the Chicago Fire and their early-season success. Don’t call it a jinx folks, just unfortunate timing.

Give these pieces a read and feel free to share your thoughts on them, on the U.S. player pool and the Chicago Fire in the comments section below.


  1. You call Eddie Johnson = Mr. Enigma. I instead choose to call him Mr. Excitement, with tongue placed firmly in cheek. I sincerely hope he shows something, but this has got to be his last chance for the National Team. He is an embarassment to the shirt.

  2. Well again this is an anti-Soccer Media. USA Play against three team that Rank in the Top 10 in the world and instead going National will put it on ESPN Classic or 360. Unless you speak Spanish u will be able to watch it on Spanish Station Univision or Telefutura. Really ESPN/ABC/DISNEY will make national if the USA was playing Chess, Bowling, Golfing, Fishing or even playing Poker Tournament. THIS IS A Freakin JOKE Come on ESPN if u are not a Soccer Supported Let other Have the right to show these games like FSC, Goal TV or at lease have ESPN Espanol show it..

  3. I’m going to stick my naive neck out and predict that Ching will be a happy surprise, either by not suiting up, which would apparently make all too many of you happy, or by getting in and doing well, which would make most if not all of us happy.

    Before I get flamed, I realize that I base this opinion on nothing except respect for him, and his intelligence and effort. I share others’ doubts about EJ, and BB’s own doubts about Kenny Cooper.

  4. I think it’s extremely bush league that ESPN/ABC/Disney, can’t find a way to air all of these high-profile friendlies live and on ESPN, ESPN 2, or ABC. Instead 2 are shown tape-delayed as well as being on ESPN Classic. Really?! Just ridiculous.

    I am sure they were clearing airtime for the vital sports of Worlds Strongest Man, Bass-Fishing, and Poker. Not to mention that every day we must have our fix of newspaper columnists yelling at each other for an hour of television. Oh the world we live in!

  5. @mike – You are spot on about Fulham’s acquisition policies!

    Yes our talent pool is the deepest it has been in a while, but we are only talking like, 5 ft deep. Other countries have 8-12 feet to drown in.

    I am excited to see how much of a run-out some of the younger / non-internationally exposed (i.e. national team) players are going to get.

  6. How does Bradley not severely damage his reputation as a coach by calling Ching up? Both he and EJ have the incredible skill of making everyone around them worse. Was that unique skill too much to pass up?

    The fact that people want to complain about Jaqua and Rogers over EJ and Chng proves you have readers who last checked the stats in 2005. I’d rather have a turd filled boot at forward than either of those two.

    Fulham paying for EJ is not a validation of his skills. If Fulham’s personnel moves were blessings than they wouldn’t be a perennial relegation candidate.

  7. Wolff has “done well” with 1860 Munich? Really? He’s gotten consistently poor marks from Kicker and has he even scored a goal? I realize he’s spent some time on the right wing, but still. He’s not in-form and I hope he doesn’t get significant time in these friendlies.

  8. Anyone else get the feeling that BB is using these three games to see if EJ has anything left to contribute?

    Ive said it before, Ill say it again – a sports psych isnt enough – someone to teach the kid the pressure and ball handling needed to compete on a top flight is desperately needed, to make up for his lack of killer instincts.

    I am rooting for you EJ.

  9. Confirmed. Whether they see the field or not is another matter.

    As to it being a joke, you’ve really got to back that up, or please stop posting hateful comments that contribute nothing. Name another US forward who has a strike rate of one goal every other game? Name another left winger who is scoring goals. If you think someone else deserved a callup, please elaborate as to why.

  10. “I think by the end of the year we should have a good idea of what the team will look like for the next 4-6 years.”

    4-6 years? We’ll be lucky if we learn enough this year to know about South Africa. Just too many variables in there.

  11. Good piece on the MNT, I think by the end of the year we should have a good idea of what the team will look like for the next 4-6 years.

  12. After reading your article and the tv listings I sent ESPN the following message, I hope others do the same.

    “This summer, beginning May 28, the USMNT will play 3 of its biggest international friendlies ever against England, Spain, and Argentina and ESPN is only showing the games on Classic and 360. How can this be? Rarely, does the US get matches of this calliber, and they are being relegated to no-name channels. Please put them on ESPN or ESPN2, otherwise many like me will be unable to view the games.”

  13. Ives…please predict the Fire will win so the SBI jinx kicks in… The Bulls need to win this game bad! Any word on if Stammy and Reyna will play this weekend?


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