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Osorio suspended for Fire match after ejection vs. KC


Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio will miss his team’s match against his former team, the Chicago Fire, next week after being suspended from Saturday’s 1-1 tie vs. Kansas City.

Osorio was ejected in the 83rd minute after Danleigh Borman’s equalizing goal for verbally abusing referee Jair Marrufo. The ejection was Osorio’s second in two seasons in MLS.

"After being warned to conduct himself in a professional manner, Juan Carlos Osorio was expelled in the 83rd minute for inappropriate behavior for use of foul language," Marrufo said in a written statement after the match. "After being expelled, Osorio continued verbal attacks to the referee and then to the fourth official while leaving the field."

Marrufo’s account of what led to Osorio’s expulsion contradicted Osorio’s own recollection of the incident. Osorio insisted that he did not use profanity.

"I was issued a red card. I’m very disappointed with that decision," Osorio said after the match. "I think it’s very unfair but that’s as far as I comment about that."

"It’s very frustrating that the referees become key figures in games like this," Osorio said. "The only thing you can do is keep working and there are some things you just can’t control."

When asked if he used profanity before being ejected, Osorio stated, "No I didn’t. No." When told that Marrufo accused him of using profanity, Osorio stated, "He is wrong."

Osorio will now miss next Sunday’s showdown with the Chicago Fire, the same club he coached last season before leaving to take over the Red Bulls. Though sources believe Osorio has been looking forward to the Chicago match for weeks, Osorio downplayed the significance of missing the match.

"The Chicago match is like any other important match and I am disappointed that I won’t be with my team on the sideline when we face them next Sunday," Osorio said.

Osorio’s anger with the officials came to a boil after Red Bulls midfielder Dave Van Den Bergh was issued a straight red card for an elbow to the face of Davy Arnaud. The elbow came after Arnaud had fouled Van Den Bergh, an elbow that Van Den Bergh insisted was unintentional.

"(Arnaud) was pulling me, pulling me and tugging me on my arm and on my shirt all over," Van Den Bergh said of the play that led to his ejection. "I was just trying to shake loose and I tried it once and I tried it twice and on the third time I couldn’t shame him loose with my arm dangling by my body so my arm came up.

"Obviously my intention was never to hit him. I don’t think I did hit him. I think he had a good dive like he was in a swimming pool."

"I think you all saw it," Osorio said. "It’s a tackle from behind and (Van Den Bergh) just tried to get himself free and it’s a red card."

The suspension means Osorio will not be able to sit on the bench for next week’s match against the Chicago Fire. Osorio can still be with the team before the match, at halftime and after the match. He can also maintain communication with the bench during the game. He is only prevented from actually sitting on the team bench during the match. Red Bulls assistant coach Richie Williams will serve as head coach for the Fire match, set for Sunday, May 25 at 3pm.


  1. If Osario can go to the game and just can’t sit ON the bench, can he sit in the crowd? I’ve got a spare ticket. Front row (I mean, litterally the front row). Right BEHIND the bench that I’d be happy to donate to him if he’d like to use it!

  2. I was at the game, Jozy when to the prom with myers or it seamed that way because he held him all game often hugging him. A couple of older fans were wondering when this became legal (shirt tugging, bear hugging,) I was impressed that the the Redbulls did not retaliate earlier. Maruaf(spelt wrong) swallowed his wistle, he needs to get off his knees….he blew the game.

  3. The reason the referee did a poor job was no the fact that he ejected DVB or Osorio or gave out 2 yellows. The problem was he failed to control the game. When you don’t call fouls, both sides escalate until you have to eject some one. At the game I expected some one from the Red Bulls to be ejected simply because you could see them getting extremely frustrated with the fouling. An ejection was inevitable and it was the referees fault for not following the letter of the law more closely on fouls.

  4. If you check out the US Soccer website you’ll see that the LEAGUE is tightening controls on bench behavior. Here’s a quote: “Despite efforts to encourage officials to address bench decorum, the issue continues to arise. Once again, there were several instances in which behavior by a coach exceeded the boundaries of acceptability and, once again, the officiating team ignored the need to take action.” So, you can see that the LEAGUE is aware of the issue and is telling the officials to TAKE ACTION to control them. This is why JCO got the boot. I’m sure the referee team will get a GOOD review of their performance for that reason alone!

  5. Talk all you want about the ref – if MLS feels that the guy did a poor job, then his performance will be reviewed by MLS & US Soccer and he won’t be able to officiate any high level matches until his conduct has been cleared by proving his conduct at lower level games. In other words, you’ve got to criticize the league, not the ref. A personal attack on the ref isn’t going to do you any good, get you anywhere, and just makes you sound stupid an uninformed.

    Secondly – if you know there is a ref who has a pension for carding, why put yourself into that situation? Granted there is disagreement, but from this foul that everyone is griping about, someone on that field felt that the elbow was intentional. As for the player, he even said himself that he could not get free & on the final attempt brought his arm high to get loose.

    As for JCO’s professional behavior? No comment.

  6. Arm-You have got to be kidding me. Every coach in the world is in the ear of the fourth official in every match. JCO is no different, so why he gets ejected from the match is beyond me. He had a right to be upset and talk to the fourth official. The fourth official should have talked with him instead of calling Maruffo over to eject him. No class and poor officiating on his part.

  7. there aren’t enough adjectives to describe the stupidity of JCO. of all the games to not be w/the team is the upcoming Chicago one! We had better pray that Stammler will be back in the lineup or be prepared to hang our heads in embarrassment after the game – and I’m a 12-season ticketholder!!

  8. To Dearth… Osorio is only banned from being on the sidelines during the game so no one is hiding from anyone you idiot!

  9. To Clow… Marrufo has shown 15 red cards in 76 games and he gave a red card to KC two weeks ago…so you are wrong meathead! You check the records…

  10. Wow 3 coaches in as many weeks (TFC’s Carver is almost certain to get a fine and a possible penalty for yesterdays game i believe). Ya gotta wonder if the MLS will step in at some point?

  11. The league encourages and want pitiful refereeing. American refs need to go to ref school in europe or we need to import refs from there. They are ruining the game.

  12. I was at the game and while I think the overall officiating in MLS sucks, tonight was really atrocious.

    By the way, did anyone notice that the 4th official summoned Jair Maruffo to give Osorio the red? Before this happened the 4th official had his chest puffed out and he was all in Osorio’s face giving him hell. He totally baited Osorio. I actually was waiting for Osorio to knock him out—in fact, I think I yelled for him to do that.

  13. One of the worst officiating jobs I’ve seen in a long time. You can’t let a game get out of control then 60 minutes into the game start by handing out 2 yellows and 2 reds. If he was on top of the game from the beginning, the cards wouldn’t have been necessary.

  14. Perhaps it is you who should check the records.

    Jair Marrufo has shown 6 red cards over the past two seasons, including playoffs. This was his first of the year.

  15. After today I don’t even feel the need to complain. This is a league-wide problem. The officiating in this league has reached a point where it’d be better to play no holds barred without referees.

    I feel like any non-RBNY fan watching tonight’s game will agree, because I promise it effects their team every single match. It is beyond awful, there are no words to describe it.

  16. Marrufo is trash how can he be still officiating matches to this day?? MLS needs to start looking at the records of these refs the guy has give like 16 red cards in 2 seasons???


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