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Portsmouth wins FA Cup


Nwankwo Kanu’s 37th-minute goal was all Portsmouth needed to hold off underdog Cardiff City, 1-0, in the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium on Saturday.

Kanu pounced on a redirected cross that Cardiff City goalkeeper Peter Enkelman put right in his path. The Nigerian calmy slotted home from close range to secure the trophy for Harry Redknapp’s squad.

Am I alone in feeling that this match just isn’t that appealing if there aren’t any big teams (or an American) in it? Honestly, did anybody who isn’t a Pompey fan (or Cardiff fan) spring for the pay-per-view cost of this game?

Did you watch the game? If so, share your thoughts on the match below.


  1. Anyone else find it hilarious that David James still has his goalie gloves on in this picture? I mean, the trophy presentation has got to be taking place at least 10-15 minutes (or more) after the match…so why are the gloves still on?

  2. Well, I am a Cardiff fan, and did pay for it. Cardiff hung with Pompey for the thirst twenty-five to thirty minutes, until Portsmouth started putting a lot of pressure on the Cardiff defense. Cardiff’s central defenders are very solid, but not nimble enough to hang with top-half-of-the-EPL offensive players, at least once the defenders’ legs are a even a little bit tired. The goal itself was a combination of letting Pompey in behind the offense, combined with a nervous keeper who was overly conscious of the fact that the team was playing over their heads, and so he wouldn’t attack the ball and grab it, resulting in far too many rebounds off his hands, one of which was put in due to some lucky positioning. After that, Cardiff kept at it, but just couldn’t break down Pompey’s defense. A good game, but it sucked for me at the time.

  3. Happy to see someone other than the big four win it. Portsmouth barely scraped their way to the final and although I didn’t watch the game it sounds like they barely scraped their way to winning the final game. Last year I forked over the cash to watch, this year no thanks.

  4. I wanted to watch- I guess I am one of the few in this country who was glad to see teams other than the big names in the FA Cup Final. Alas- I am in the midst of a move and can’t afford the pay per view. I am glad that someone other than ManU, Liverpool, Arsenal, or Chelski won the Cup. One day I want to see a second tier team- a true second tier team- win it and show up all the big boys.

  5. i actually dig the double underdog style match up, although i rarely do ppv so i didn’t see the game. definitely would have watched it if it was on fsc or something similar.

  6. Good god, I’m sick to death of people whining about spoilers on footie sites. Gah! Gah. Gah.

    If you’re that guy, don’t be that guy. It’s not up to the rest of the world to avoid talking about {whatever} because you’re planning to watch a replay at some point in the future.

    Get over it. Or maybe try watching the game to see the play instead of obsessing about the outcome. Either works.

  7. KingSnake, why go to a soccer website that reports on soccer news as it happens if you don’t want to hear a score…


  8. Uhh… no. Didn’t even realize it was on until this morning. Didn’t care either. Still don’t. Except if Cardiff City had pulled out an upset – then there would be an underdog story.

  9. I was actually going to see if my DirecTV package offered it on PPV, but I’m stuck at work most of today.

    BTW – anyone got a stream on Crew-TFC?


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