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Red Bulls set for major shake-up?


Officials from Red Bull, the parent company of the New York Red Bulls, are in town today to hold meetings with employees of the club, including head coach Juan Carlos Osorio and technical director Jeff Agoos, and the MLS club could be in for a major front office shake-up, sources close to the team told SBI late on Tuesday night.

The meetings could help address the club’s lack of a head executive. The Red Bulls have been operating without a front office leader for almost two months since former managing director Marc deGrandpre left the club to join a soft drink company. That departure, coupled with Red Bull’s failure to assign someone as the club’s lead executive, even on an interim basis, has left the team and front office in limbo for most of the current MLS season.

The meetings, which were planned in advance of last Sunday’s shocking 5-1 loss to the Chicago Fire, will likely also be used to address the club’s potential summer transfer plans, including the potential sale of forward Jozy Altidore.

What’s my take on the meetings? It is about time. The flagrant neglect of the New York team by officials in Salzburg has been an embarrassment and one of the lesser publicized sub-plots of the 2008 season. Since, deGrandpre’s departure in early April, the club has been floating along like a rudder-less ship, with very little contact from the parent company and virtually no direction. Things haven’t been much better on the team side, with Osorio and Agoos having little contact with decision-makers in Salzburg.

Whether today’s meetings will help address some of these issues remains to be seen, but it is very clear that Red Bull corporate will need to do a better job of supporting and running the New York Red Bulls if the club is going to have any chance for long-term success.

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  1. I wanted to clarify my earlier post: I’m not comparing MLS as an institution to the NFL, or a Bruce Springsteen concert, or the Pope’s visit. I’m saying that using the “inaccesibility” of the Meadowlands is not a valid excuse when you see much larger crowds for other events at the same place.

    To quote a great movie, Fever Pitch, it’s the “crapness” of the product, most likely, that keeps people away.


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