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SBI Fantasy EPL League Final Results

With the English Premier League season drawing to a close it is now time to take a look at the fantasy owners who had the best seasons in the Soccer By Ives Fantasy EPL League.

Here is the Top 20 (out of 232 teams)

  1. Landed Gentry (Rem Stone)
  2. Red Rockets (Justin Lawrence)
  3. FC Alcapurrias (Juan Guzman)
  4. Old_Army (Kevin Belmont)
  5. CF Pachucacabras (Michael Larimer)
  6. Langfield Pimp Hands (Brandon Rollins)
  7. LoneStar FC (Peter Welpton)
  8. Oversleepham (Matthew Guay)
  9. Workers (Andrew Lidner)
  10. FC Vanilla Bean (Craig de Aragon)
  11. Chicago Sting (John Conrad)
  12. Damn Yanks (Don McAuslan)
  13. Erm…United (Rick B)
  14. Realfootball_626 (Dan Stelzer)
  15. SBI United (Ives Galarcep)
  16. FC Twunty (Matthew Conroy)
  17. Ookie knows futbal (David Rain)
  18. Drelickshire Blues (Andrew Drelick)
  19. FC Epikoinos (Eric Anderson)
  20. DMB United (Bill Thorpe)

Congratulations to Rem Stone for winning the title. He has won a free t-shirt courtesy of SBI sponsor Objectivo Apparel. Those of you who check out Objectivo should remember that there is free shipping for SBI readers. Just type in the code IVES when you order.

Congrats to all of you who finished in the Top 20 and thanks to all of you who took part this season.


  1. I doubt anyone was paying attention, but this league was won when Landed Gentry made a shrewd move and took his captain armband from CRonaldo. I think it was with four weeks left, and I believe I was ahead in points at the time, as well. Ugh, I lost because I kept faith in a player that, while incredible, I would love to kick in the face.

  2. And in 33rd comes Inter Guam. Too bad only 30 people cared about their team through the whole season. Da*n.

  3. Come on ADiddy, I’m glad you had a good run but it should be noted that I didn’t adjust my lineup once after about February (SBI has just taken away all my free time). Thank goodness for my Dream Team defense of David James, Rio, Jolean Lescott and Martin Laursen. Oh and Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres didn’t hurt.

    The 2008/2009 title will be mine. I’m calling it now.

  4. Accomplished my two goals:

    1. Beating Ives (sorry, man, but as the professional, you’ve got a target on your back)

    2. Being in the top ten

  5. I forgot my password halfway through the season, but luckily, I had Ronaldo, Torres, Adebayor, Lescott, and some ManU & Chelsea defenders. Even when they e-mailed my username and password to me, it didn’t work. So… whateva.

  6. I wish the Yahoo league counted, the official game is so much worse I stopped even looking at it after two weeks. Oh and plus I finished second. :


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