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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning folks. Today’s soccer action is well under way but there are still plenty of matches on today’s schedule.

Here is today’s slate of games that you can watch on TV:

  • 11:30am- GolTV- Eintracht Frankfurt at Stuttgart
  • Noon- FSC- Sunderland at Bolton
  • 2pm- GolTV- Recreativo Huelva at Atletico Madrid
  • 2:30pm- FSC- Portsmouth at Middlesbrough
  • 3pm- Setanta USA- Derby County at Blackburn
  • 4pm- Deportivo La Coruna at Real Zaragoza
  • 5pm- FSC- Women’s Soccer- Australia vs. USA
  • 7:15pm- GolTV- Atletico Nacional at Deportivo Pasto
  • 7:30pm- FSC- Kansas City Wizards at Columbus Crew
  • 8:30pm- HDNet- Chivas USA at Houston Dynamo
  • If you plan on watching soccer today, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play on the action in the comments section below.

    Enjoy the soccer.


    1. aristotle – I think you’re probably (after the bolton-sunderland match definitely) right. Wishful thinking on my part…

      thom – touche. I had forgotten about the second fulham-derby draw. They could use those extra points.

    2. A win at Pompey is a must to stay up. Blackburn will not lay down at B-city but B-citie’s form at home has been very,very good as of late and Blackburn can not catch Everton for the UEFA Cup so their incentive is a bit down. A draw is very dangerous and a loss is relagation.

      Reading should beat Derby no matter what any pundit might say and well – I already covered the B-city topic.

      Let’s just hope Pompey is focused on the FA Cup and we continue our current run of form and luck.

    3. Yep. Looks like Bolton will move to safety today, and then there were three. (Birmingham, Reading, and Fulham.)

    4. Tony in Quakeland, I completely agree about your comments regarding McBride. It breaks my heart that he is one of the most inspirational American athletes ever, plying his trade well in the the most popular sport in the world, in arguably the best league – ans still, the goons at sportscenter have no idea who the hell he is. I met McBride last year, and as you guessed, he is an absolute legend.

      I have been saying for years that some new agency needs to do a piece on him, at least a 15 minute interview or something. I would love for HBO sports to do a story on him.

    5. mgp- Fulham drew with Derby twice and were damm lucky not to lose both.

      I live and die with Fulham but the truth is the truth.

      Beckster- Very,very sad to hear about Olsen if it is the truth. Hell of a player and a real leader in U.S. soccer will be lost.

    6. Spencer: It’s great to see Fulham have a shot to stay up, it seemed impossible just a short while ago. However, I would have to disagree with you on them looking safe to stay up. I’m not sure how you could say that. Looking at the schedule I feel almost certain that Birmingham will win against Blackburn next week. Birmingham are a very good team at home and Blackburn doesn’t have anything to play for. I would think it’s also pretty certain that Reading will beat Derby. Bolton will probably win today to put themselves in safety. They have the advantage of knowing exactly what they have to do, and they are certainly not going to expect to win next week against Chelsea. Sunderland is safe now so the game doesn’t mean much to them. So that leaves Fulham with a must win again away to a very good team. That hardly seems like they are looking safe, but I sure hope you’re right!

      mgp: I would have to disagree with you too regarding Reading. I sure am disagreeable today! I think the only way Reading will stay up will be at Fulham’s expense. I think Bolton can come up with one win in their next two games and that would be enough to stay in front of Reading on goal difference. I think the only way Reading can stay up without it being at the expense of Fulham, would be for Bolton to get clobbered by Chelsea next week, and for Reading to clobber Derby enough to make up their goal difference. Again, I hope I’m wrong.

      Johnny: Where are you? Fulham is one tough win away from safety. You may have been right all along!

    7. Reading is crap. I can’t believe they have stuck with Doyle et al. Convey should have played. If your forwards can’t get service, they can’t score. Agree with Pete – Hahnemann has been the player of the year and the only bright spot. Hope Convey lands somewhere decent.

      Also…sad news on DC United front. Washington post article today says Olsen likely can’t come back from ankle injury.

    8. Agreed. I’d much rather Fulham stays up.

      And frankly, if reading can’t beat Derby, they don’t deserve to stay in the EPL…

    9. Reading are as good as down. They won’t even be able to beat Derby next week. Mark it down: 0-0.

      Convey’s gone, but Hahnemann will stay with Reading til he retires or goes back to the Seattle franchise.

    10. Looking at the matches next week…

      Bolton @ Chelsea

      Fulham @ Portsmouth

      Reading @ Derby

      Blackburn @ Birmingham

      Fulham controls their destiny, and there is a decent chance Reading is saved.

      Go Sunderland?

    11. it’s over. another miracle season finish for fulham?

      if the club stays up, ej should go on loan to get some pt

    12. long ball prayer, b’ham defender misplays it, nevland runs past defender and finds ball, 1v1 with gk, blasts it through on the left

    13. What a difference one player makes. Fulham have looked so much better since his return. Sprits lifed and all. Heart, Passion, and Desire = Brian McBride.

      If everything reminds as is right now. Bir (32pts) and Reading (33pts) lose, Fulham (33pts) wins… Fulham is out of regualation, because of goal differntial.

    14. I’ve read Dempsey extended his contract before the game, anyone hear anything?

      2-0 Eric Nevland!!! Not going gently!!!

    15. davies was very close to scoring early off a low cross on a free kick but Kelly made an incredible one-hand save.

      Fulham controlled the match the first 15 then pretty much the rest of the way after the 30th minute.

      Birmingham came close a couple of times on quick counterd.

      but yes, fulham look very much together.

    16. It’s a shame that most American sports fans have no clue about one of the most inspirational American athletes of the last few decades: Brian McBride.

    17. 1:0 Fulham. They have most of the possession. If Kamara had passed a few minutes earlier, they would have probably been up 2. But they look good. It’s too bad McBride retired from international play.

    18. Fulham has looked goos. seemed to have dominated possesion, and its nice to see dempsey in midfield..


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